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The Massive Invid's Guide Index Post (#1)

About ten posts ago, I started realizing just how monolithic and intimidating my Star Wars guide series was becoming. It took longer and longer to go back and find things, and I decided that, if only for my own sake, I really ought to get around to creating an index post.

I reckoned it would be good for my readers, too, since not only does it now have a full hundred posts (and hopefully more every week), but I started it over three years ago. I used to do a number of regular features on here, and while I'm hoping to revive at least one of those, this is the only one that's really held on.

(When I finally finish with the Star Wars aliens, I might hunt down some other fictional alien species rather than do other things in Star Wars, mainly because I find myself increasingly fascinated with the mechanics of building fictional races/aliens. I'll probably pick on do Star Trek first.)

Future index posts probably will be individually smaller, and will link to the other index posts.

Because of this post's sheer enormity, I'm going to put a jump here. (Also, it's so large it'll probably take me a week or so to truly finish it; currently, it's still under construction.)


Post #1: Aalagar, Aar'aa, Aaris, Ab'Ugartte, Abinyshi, Abominor (first 5/5), Abyssin, Adarians, Adnerem, Advozsec. I notice, looking back, that I hadn't decided whether to use plural or singular in the link yet. (It's always plural now.) Honestly, not one of my better articles overall or as part of this series, though I do like the phrase I turned concerning the Aalagar versus the Bith.

Post #2: Aefan (first N/A), Affytechans, Aganof, Agee, Aggoron, Agorffi, Ahra Naffi, Ailon, Aing-Tii, Akurians. If I were doing this more recently, the Agorffi would have gotten a pity point and the Aggoron would have gotten a point (mainly because I love the Gree, and yes, that makes sense in context), and I'd probably have skipped the Ahra Naffi entirely, the group being essentially something like, I don't know, H. antecessor or something to the Qella. I'd also probably have yakked a lot more about the Aing-Tii, because I'm a big fan of the Kathol Rift thanks to this article series. This article is a little bumpy because of the N/A stuff, but it also feels like it's taken shape a little more to me.

Post #3: Akwin, Alashans, Aldereenians, Aleena, Alpheridians, Altiri, Altorians, Alzarians, Amanin, Amarans. This is one of the first places where I bring up the scale of the Star Wars galaxy in comparison to other settings (hint: it's really darned big, much bigger than most), but I'd later do a little research and discover that my figure was very low. It was also the article that made me decide to look ahead a little more so that I wouldn't get disambiguation pages anymore, although only rarely did it prove to be relevant.

Post #4: Amphi-Hydrus, Anarrians, Andalese, Anguilla, Annoo-dat Blue, Annoo-dat Prime, Anointed People, Anomids, Anselmi, Ansionians. This marks the first article where I exclude something because it's not a species (Amorphiians, which are some kind of android/cyborg-and yes, I know I've included at least two other droid species, leave me alone I make my own arbitrary decisions), the first article where I mention the Holiday Special, the first cross-reference to a previous article, and the first time an article has had an internal cross-reference. It's also the first post where my pre-rating description of a species is very short ("They're ugly"). This makes this post one of the most significant in the series, really.

Post #5: Anx, Anzati, Aplocaph, Aqualish, Aquar, Arachnoid, Aramandi, Araquia, Arbrans, Arcona. In this post, I finally properly establish a rough guideline for my rating scale. (Took me long enough.) I'd probably rate the Araquia higher nowadays.

Post #6: Argazdans, Argullians, Arhan, Arized, Arkanians, Arkudans (gag 5/5), Armalat, Arpor-Lan, Aruzan, Askajians. I'd probably give the Arkanians a higher score at this point.

Post #7: Askhew, Assemblers, Avogwi, Avoni, Ayrou, B'das, B'rknaa, B'trillan, Babbs, Bafforr trees. This article has the first in-article use of the phrase "ambiguously canon" (I'd later standardize the phrase to "ambiguously canonical" once I realized how often I'd use it) and is the first article with three 5/5 ratings (I keep forgetting it happened so early-there are at least two recent posts that suggest that they are the first time a triple 5/5 has occurred).

Post #8: Bagmim, Baldavians, Balinak, Balosars, Balti, Balmasians (gag 4/5), Bandies, Barabels, Baragwin, Barri. I think I might possibly be slightly less harsh on the Balosars than I originally was, but I'm not sure. It's also one of the first places where I let my bias towards good-aligned reptile aliens show, with a 5/5 for the Barabels essentially because they are 1) not evil, and 2) kinda funny. I think this may be the last time I give a gag rating, but I'm not entirely certain.

Post #9: Bartokks, Barundi, Basiliskans, Battrach, Bavakar, Baxthrax, Belovian, Berchestian, Bergamasque, Berrites. ...Probably the only thing worth noting here are the Barundi, who I probably should have given a 5/5.

Post #10: Besalisks, Bezim, Biituians, Bilar, Bimms, Bith, Bitthævrians, Blagwahr, Blood Carvers, Bloxians. This is probably the first time I complain about "humanoid" as a descriptive word.


Post #11: Blubreen, blue banthas, Boltrunians, Boma, Bomodons, Borlorians, Borlovians, Bormterrans, Borneck, Bosphs. I believe this is the first occurrence of the "Poo Ploo" gag, which is surely a major high point in my entire blogging career. This article seems to be manifesting a fair bit of snark.

Post #12: Bothans, Bouncers, Bovorians, Bpfasshi, Brebishem, Bri'ahl, Brigians, Brizzit, Brogune, Brolfi. Perhaps the first time I commented on the spelling of a species' name as particularly difficult ("Bpfasshi").

Post #13: Brosin, Brownies, Brrbrlpp, Brubb, Bruvians, Bunnies, Buro, Buzchub, Caamasi, Caarites. In this article, I got angry and actually gave a couple of 0/5 ratings; it's worth noting it also has several "N/A" ratings, which are what I essentially used to give when I was trying to be charitable to low-content articles. Also, if you're looking for context on the Caamas document crisis, here's where you go.

Post #14: Cacops, Calians, Calibops, Cannolites, Cantrosians, Caridans, Carosites, Carthasians, Cathar, Catuman. This is the first time I entirely skipped pre-post commentary, which has since become standard. It also holds what is probably the single angriest rant in the entirety of this post series, where I essentially deny the existence of the Calians entirely. I also made a rather sarcastic remark on the typicalness of many alien names.

Post #15: Celegians, Celestials, Cemas, Cephalons, Cereans, Cha'a, Cha'wen'he, Chadra-Fan, Chagrians, Chakrata. ...I got a little weird in this article, which is the origin point of rating things high when I think they'd make funny Jedi. It's worth noting that the Celestials have since been established as probably having a connection to a species called Force-wielders, which would lower this rating considerably, except that the connection apparently isn't definite. (The information comes from the Killiks, who have a "legendary" memory, which means they rewrite facts on a basis that sometimes verges on minute-to-minute.)

Post #16: Charon, Charr Ontee, Chazrach, Chestrashi, Chev, Chevin, Chiggnash, Chikarri, Children of the Green Planet, Chironians. I was pleased that describing the Charon didn't take as much work as I initially thought it would. I think this is also the first time there were two instances of two closely connected species in one post, and I elaborated a little better on my dislike of "humanoid" as a description. If you're interested, "Children of the Green Planet" are actually E.T.'s species.

Post #17: Chiss, Chistori, Choi, Chortose, Chromans, Chubbits, Chuhkyvi, Cilare, Clantaani, Clatear. This seems to be the first article where I hand out a really obvious pity point. It's also where I start pretty much taking the existence of the Yuuzhan Vong as a personal insult.

Post #18: Clawdites, Codru-Ji, Colicoids, Columi, Conjeni, Constancians, Cor, Corasgh, Corragut, Corthenians. I floundered a bit trying to figure out a succinct term for the eating of sapient beings of other species here, but I still don't have one. (It really needs its own name, though. Cannibalism doesn't cut it.)

Post #19: Cosians, Courataines, Covallon, Coway, Coynites, Cragmoloids, Cranscoc, Cratniks, Crintlians, Critokians. This article initially felt rather more sarcastic than many of its contemporaries, but going through again I realized it was pretty standard for this era. It's probably about where I first realized what a ridiculous Timothy Zahn fanboy I'd been in some previous posts, and I also observe that I'm prone to rating spider species high. I think it's also the first article where I consistently use the plural form of the name in the introductory links.

Post #20: Crokes, Crotok, Cthon, Cuvacians, Cyborreans, Cyrillians, D'farians, Dabi, Daimlo, Daltarri. There's another 0/5 here; I hadn't been jaded by the many, many too-minimal articles yet. I also skipped Dalek for reasons noted in the article.


Post #21: Dantari, Dashade, Dashta eels, Dawferim, Dazouri, Dbarians, Defel, Delorf, Delphanians, Delrakkins. ...I don't have much to say about this post.

Post #22: Devaronians, Devlikks, Dhuryam, Diamala, Diathim, Dilonexans, Dimeans, Dimoks, Diollans, Dolandu. I think this post is funny, because the Devaronians are "devils" and the Diathim are "angels," and so, as I flippantly remarked, "this post has angels and devils in it."

Post #23: Donadi, Doneers, Dorandeans, Dorneans, Doruns, Draags, Drach'nam, Drackmarians, Dractuvians, Dradan. This post doesn't have anything especially unusual about it either.

Post #24: Draedans, Draethos, Draflago, Drall, Drells, Dressellians, Drivoks, Drochs, Drovians, Druulgothans. Nope, nothing.

Post #25: Dubravans, Dugs, Duhma, Duinuogwuin, Duloks, Duors, Dur Sabon, Duros, Duu'ranh, Ebranites. This article is where I first noticed that Wookieepedia can occasionally be creepy about human-like sexual dimorphism, particularly secondary sexual characteristics associated with women. I also randomly linked a page of the webcomic Dr. McNinja here; that's got to be worth something.

Post #26: Ebruchi, Echani, Eddelians, Ee, Eellayin, Eglatt, Eickarie, Eirraucs, Eklaad, Elathan. At the time I wrote the article, I had the sense that there were a lot of species who had been brutalized by the Empire; looking back, I'm not sure it was really that proportionately high.

Post #27: Elders, Elom, Elomin, Em'liy, Ementes, Emmerians, Energy vampires, Ensos, Entymals, Enu. Nothing else to say.

Post #28: Enzeen, Eodons, Epicanthix, Equani, Equat, Er'Kits, Er'stacians, Ereesi, Ergesh, Ermi. Two things of note in this article-some visible real-world racism (equating Asian people with aliens), and there are at least two species that I got bored with/didn't have time for and skimmed past rather than really look at.

Post #29: Esh-kha, Esoomians, Etti, Euceron, Evocii, Ewoks, Exargans, Exodeenians, Extorin, Fairfolk. This article is the only place where I can recall retroactively altering a rating once I'd given it, because while I was looking back at the article shortly thereafter, it had been updated with pictures.

Post #30: Falleen, Farangs, Farghul, Farnym, Faruun, Faust, Feeorin, Fefze, Felacatians, Felin. If I'm recalling correctly, this post sees the first mention of natives of Firefist/Companion Besh, the companion galaxy to the Star Wars galaxy, although it doesn't mention Firefist itself by name.


Post #31: Felinians, Felucians, Fenelar, Fere, Ferroans, Fia, Fiery Ones, Filar-Nitzan, Filordi, Filvians. No jokes, please.

Post #32: Firrerreo, Flakax, Fleebogs, Flesh Raiders, Floubetteans, Fluggrians, Fneebs, Fnessian, Fondorians, Force Demons. I still want my Force Demons, darn it.

Post #33: Force wielders, Forshul, Fosh, Fraii Wys, Fras, Freckers, Freda, Frenk, Frezhlix, Frid. I still hate the Force wielders. They have a stupid name and don't make any sense.

Post #34: Jungle Felucians, Froffli, Frog-dogs, Frost Giants, Frost Sprites, Frozians, Frunchettan-sai, Fuzzums, Fyyrsprus, Gacerites. As you can tell, the biggest snafu in my intention of alphabetical order is here, though to be fair it's not my fault.

Post #35: Gadons, Gados, Galacians, Galandans, Galderians, Galidyn, Gama-Senn, Gamandars, Gamorreans, Ganathans. This article has one of my angrier responses to use of vague descriptions, in this case to the use of the term "average."

Post #36: Gands, Ganks, Garbage rats, Gargantelles, Garhoons, Garoos, Gas clouds, Gastrulans, Gathi, Gaulians. This article contains the phrase "birthed from bantha biscuits" and is thus objectively superior to the vast majority of everything.

Post #37: Gazaran, Geelan, Gektls, Gen'dai, Genians, Gensang, Geonosians, Gerb, Geroon, Gesarils. Not much to say on this article.

Post #38: Ghawem, Ghishi, Ghostlings, Giant algae-beds, Gigorans, Givin, Glarsaurs, Glassferrans, Gloorags, Glottalphibs. Eh.

Post #39: Glymphids, Gobindi, Godoans, Golden Sun, Gorezh, Gorm, Gormak, Gorothites, Gorphs, Gorum. This article makes me glad that I've been doing this, because I finally caught a place where I forgot to link properly.

Post #40: Gosfamblings, Gossams, Gotals, Gotiards, Govians, Graadorians, Gran, Grannan, Graygl, Gree. As noted in the article, the Gree are easily the highest ranked species in a "landmark" spot, i.e. a multiple of 100.


Post #41: Griddek, Grueshites, Gruvians, Guineo, Gulmarids, Gungans, Gupins, Gurlanins, Gutretee, Guudrians. In retrospect, I probably would have given the Gutretee a 5/5 because of the hilarious mental image of people trying to hide out on a planet whilst constantly being challenged to single combat by blaster-proof crystal beings.

Post #42: Gwngi, Gwurrans, H'drachi, H'nemthe, Habassa, Habeen, Hakarians, Hamadryas, Harch, Hardex. I believe this is the first time I referred to the battle droids as "the weakest mooks in all of fiction."

Post #43: Harf, Haserians, Hasikians, Hassarian, Hemes Arbora, Hendanyns, Hepsalum Tash, Herglics, Hethas, Hewett. I only just noticed the similarity between "Haserian" and "Hassarian." Also, poison pie.

Post #44: Hig, Hiitians, hill people, Hiromi, Ho'Din, Hogusses, Holessians, Holwuff, Homanans, Hoojibs. I mention the Zeltrons (who it will still be a while before I cover in this series) as "friendly" in this post.

Post #45: Hoovers, Horansi, Horobians, Hortek, Houk, Howler Tree People, Hrakians, Hrasskis, Huloons, humans. Incidentally, I'd originally planned to write a big, long parodic diatribe about how stereotypical and hackneyed humans were as a species, but I didn't have the energy for it when the appropriate article rolled around.

Post #46: Hummingbirds, Huraloks, Hutlarians, Hutts, Hyallp, Hysalrians, Icarii, ice demons, iceheads, Ierians. No, that first entry is not deceiving you; it really does just say "hummingbirds."

Post #47: Iktotchi, Ilosians, Ilwizzt, Imbats, Immolanoids, Imyni, Imzig, Inchichtok, Indexers, Inleshat. This article may have the most 2/5s of any in the series (2/5 was at the time the least common rating, which is the main reason it's notable-more species were so bad they deserved a 1/5 while most others just hit "average," 3/5). Also, wow do I sound bloodthirsty when I talk about the Inchichtok.

Post #48: Iotrans, Ipharian-Da'Lor, Iphigini, Iridonians, Irrukiine, Ishi Tib, Ishori, Iskalloni, Issori, Isticians. This article is rather blah, even if it does have the Ishi Tib.

Post #49: Ithorians, Ithullans, Ixlls, Iyra, Izi, Jacipri, Jakelians, Jandoonians, Jante, Jarells. This one's a lot more fun, with talk of giant space wasps, "you don't even have a fifth tentacle!" (which is a pretty amazing way of calling someone a "whippersnapper"), and a bit of nattering about canonicity, retcons, and clarity.

Post #50: Jastaal, Jawas, Jazbinans, Jenets, Jeodu, Jerni, Jerrilekan, Jeylac, Jiivahar, Jillsarians. It's kind of funny, but whenever I talk about relatively well-known species, I always go into the obscure bits. I kinda feel like that's my job, though.


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