Friday, January 10, 2014

You Deserve This! Eh!

A clip from Armor Hero XT, the probably non-sequel continuation of the Armor Hero tokusatsu series:

The (sort of) drama of this moment is, of course, rather hamstrung by the fact that the voice actor they chose for Captain Cuffs (yeah, I'm pretty sure that's actually his name) is the genuinely derpiest voice actor I've ever heard. (And I've watched Space Thunder Kids, thank you.) Watch the automatic closed captioning for even more silliness.

It's made even funnier by this set of screenshots taken from a clip from the previous episode (which is hilarious out of sequence, since one will be thinking of Captain Cuff's brutality in the other clip and then see the petty playground behavior in this one):

Incidentally, with names like Cuffs, Joseph, and Sabin, which are the real names (in the dubbed version) of these monster people (yes, Cuffs is also a monster person), you have to wonder if they chose English-language names out of a hat or something.

-Signing off.

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