Monday, January 13, 2014

Don't Worry, That's Normal

Continuing along the vein of silly and ridiculous things from the Chinese tokusatsu series Armor Hero XT, here we have a clip from what is apparently the last episode. (Reminder: Armor Hero has an official English-language YouTube channel, and they have clips from throughout both series and full episodes of the early part of the first one. And clips from the movie. Yes there's a movie. Yes it's also silly. It has a cockroach army, who are of course guys in cheap costumes, or rather probably one guy in a single cheap costume that has been digitally replicated about five hundred times.)

I think my single favorite thing from this clip is the Pyro Warrior going "Ah! Ah! I'm blind!" and the other guy going "Don't worry, that's normal!"

It's mildly amusing on its own. But then we see the costume change that occurs shortly thereafter to represent the powerup:

He couldn't see before his costume changed; he'd gone blind. (Pretty sure I'm simplifying a tad; there were more steps than that and I think he could see again before the transformation.) Now his costume has changed, and he's got a visor that appears to be made of solid, opaque metal. (And he can see again.)

Mockery aside, there's something else kind of interesting about this: Apparently, the villain has time manipulation powers maybe? And he knows that the protagonist's parents died, and that the protagonist wants his parents not to have died, and somehow he can talk after he's been blown up, and in order for his threat to actually be ended, he needs to be "sealed."

And the Pyro Warrior guy can't bring himself to push the button.

Hey, a thing that actually resembles an interesting plot twist!

(Ouch, that came out a bit harsh. I really do actually like it on a non-ironic level. It's just that some of the story around it is... not so enjoyable on a non-ironic level. But that's for another time, I'm sure.)

-Signing off.

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