Monday, January 6, 2014

Armor Hero is Hilarious

Some presumably unintentionally hilarious screenshots from the official English YouTube release of the first episode of the Chinese tokusatsu series Armor Hero (which I am glad to see dubbed because now I don't have to listen to the original soundtrack):

They're amusing as-is, but they're even funnier with the voices. The evil overlord guy is stereotypically booming and deep (and uses awkward phraseology and is also just plain stereotypical), while his minion John (I presume that's not his name in the original Chinese) is really campy, to the point where my sister can do a nearly perfect impression of his voice.

The special effects and writing aren't really on the same par as contemporary Japanese tokusatsu, and as noted the voice acting and translations are kinda goofy, but the costuming is really nice and it's rather fun to watch in a bit of a train wreck sort of way.

-Signing off.

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