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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#52)

Incidentally, today's article is full of uncommonly hard-to-spell names.

511. K'Jtari. The k'Jatari k'Jtari invented some kind of really cool martial art. I presume it must be cool because it's said to "influence its practitioners both physically and mentally," is described as ancient, and apparently works for more species than merely the k'Jtari themselves.

Rating: 2/5. Of course, that could be said of lots of martial arts... other than the multiple species thing, and we have no way of proving or disproving that at the moment, do we?

512. Ka'aa. The K'aa Ka'aa are frustrating, as they might be native to the Farnax sector, but they might not be. There's no way of knowing. (Incidentally, the Farnax sector contained the Koornacht Cluster, which in turn contained the Yevetha, a super-genocidal species who helped set the mold for the later Yuuzhan Vong. Notably, the Farnax sector is in the Deep Core, which is about as far from the outside of the Star Wars galaxy as it gets.)

Rating: N/A.

513. Ka'hren. Ka'hren are ugly and have long arms and big hands. Apparently they're morons, because they didn't think there was a point to recording history until after other species made contact with them, even though they bordered on being ancestor worshipers. Or maybe there's a connection there?

They also originally had no concept of betrayal, which I find improbable.

Rating: 2/5. Only modestly interesting, and also ugly. Did I mention ugly?

514. Kabierouns. Kabierouns are... rather odd-looking. Not in a bad way, though. They're large, have very long necks, very weirdly shaped and mounted heads (i.e. in how they connect to their necks), large, heavily muscled bodies, and long fingers.

Rating: 3/5. There's not much to them beyond their appearances, but those are sufficiently interesting (if a bit anatomically strained) to earn them a decent score.

515. Kadri'Ra. The Kadri'Ra are draconic creatures widely believed to be descended from the Duo Duino Duinuoguin Duinuogwuin, who are fusion-powered space dragons. The Kadri'Ra are similar in that they can survive in space, live for over a thousand years, and are very long and serpentine and have way too many arms and legs, but can't fly or breathe nuclear fire like their presumed ancestors, and can go for days but not months without air.

They also look cooler, which counts for a lot in my book.

During the reign of the Empire, they were declared nonsapient and legitimate targets for enslavement, and their population had dwindled from about 140 million to just 14,000. Aw, man.

Rating: 5/5. I waffled a bit because they're so similar to their relatives that they overlap maybe a little too much, but decided they deserved the full 5.

516. Kadrillians. "Semi-intelligent" terrapins, they are the only inhabitants of their planet to survive being massacred by some crazy demon-looking race who killed lots and lots of people.

[EDIT: Wow, left out a rating... Let's say 3/5.]

517. Kage. The Kage look rather like they're inspired by Japanese culture, and since their name looks like the Japanese word for "shadow," I'm rather inclined to say that it's likely they are in fact inspired by Japanese culture.

They apparently ride big danged centipede things.

Rating: 3/5. Anybody willing to ride big danged centipede things and wear ninja clothes and kimonos are cool with me.

518. Kalaanites. The Kalaanites' sole appearance was in an RTS game. This presumably means that they die a lot.

Aside from that, they seem to be some kind of vaguely interesting-looking hairy guys.

Rating: 2/5. Okay, it looks like their planet was the victim of an Imperial invasion and that's why they're in the game; my point stands.

519. Kalai. The Kalai apparently appeared from nowhere aboard a ship called Destiny that was docked at a deep space station of some sort. They're incredibly mysterious, and many believe them to be telepathic living light. Or something.

Rating: 2/5. You can get a lot of mileage out of a mysterious species, but it's clear nobody's gotten any out of these guys.

520. Kalduu. Kalduu are flying telepathic jellyfish creatures who helped the other native species of their homeworld become peaceful. They also apparently consume germs from "hosts," whatever that means in this context, respire carbon dioxide into oxygen, and reproduce by splitting in two.

In other words, they're modestly awesome.

Rating: 4/5. I get the feeling that there's either missing information or that their original description must be lacking.

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