Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Darnit, Now I'm Actively Missing That Show

Y'know, honestly I have basically no interest in Batman movies.

That's the fault of Batman: The Animated Series, which, well, was better than all but a very few movies could hope to be.

So this commercial playing off the movie trailers to advertise the series is kind of ironic.

'Cause, y'know, love the series, totally apathetic about the movie they're trying to capitalize on.

I've seen maybe three minutes of Batman Begins at most, and anything else is commercials I decided to ignore. In fact, I've been so successful at avoiding watching television since there's been nothing good on that I haven't even seen a single commercial for the upcoming one. I wouldn't even really know it was coming out if it weren't for the Internet (and lately, that's been true of most movies).

...Boy, I sound like some kind of crazy curmudgeon, don't I? (I turned 29 earlier this week, by the way.)

-Signing off.

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