Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stay Classy

Even if he uses the words "nerd" and "dork" a lot, this Rex Velvet guy is pretty classy.

Bowler cap? Classy. Eyepatch? Classy. Three-piece suit? Classy. (Incredibly fake) curly mustache? Classy.

Playing the supervillain for a Make-a-Wish kid? Classy.

video platform video management video solutions video player '''' (I apologize if I'm for some reason not supposed to customize the size of a news site video embed, but it only gave me small [AKA "tiny"], medium [AKA "small"], and large [AKA "too darned big for my blog"]. If it doesn't work, here's a link. I also had to do some weird formatting to get things to not be hideous.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, he's confrontational, melodramatic, and all that. He's also pretty classy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who is he talking about, anyway?* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Yes, I know (generally) who Phoenix Jones is; ironically, I'd never heard of him before I saw the first video. This guy is honestly more fun. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Signing off.

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