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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#49)

481. Ithorians. Ithorians are the "cantina alien" colloquially known as "hammerheads." Don't call them that, though, because it'll mean you're a serious jerk.

Ithorians are really, really good-natured and gentle people. They don't believe in fighting or warfare, believe in planting two plants to replace every plant that they kill, and live in flying cities to avoid damaging their homeworld's ecosystem. That is seriously taking the "treasures all life" thing up to Albert Schweitzer type levels. (Schweitzer is said to have once cried over some bacteria or something that he killed to observe under a microscope, if memory serves.)

They also have two mouths, four throats (I don't think I want to think about how that works), and can talk in stereo or even expel concussive blasts of air (taken up to eleven in Genndy Tartovsky's Clone Wars cartoons, where an Ithorian Jedi tore up concrete trying to stop General Grievous). Despite this and their distinctive head shape, they're actually (supposedly) mammals.

The Ithorian homeworld, Ithor, was on the receiving end of a biology-destroying bacterial attack by those (expletive) Yuuzhan Vong, though the Ithorians themselves were not significantly affected. The Ithorians had a close relationship with the Bafforr trees, the attack's actual target, and so this made them even sadder than having one's lush but empty homeworld wiped out by a bunch of extragalactic jerks might normally.

Rating: 5/5. The Ithorians aren't quite as perfect as the Bafforr trees, but they're still pretty important and interesting.

482. Ithullans. The Ithullans were rendered nearly extinct by the Mandalorians, as the Mandalorians were wont to do in their halcyon days. We don't know that much else about them, except that they were part of a group called the "Nessies" because they were from a region called the Stenness Node, and that their homeworld was/is the breeding ground for roughly Star Destroyer-sized space wasps that eat space slugs and have their corpses hollowed out for use as cargo ships.

Rating: 3/5 by association.

483. Ixlls. Ixlls are some kind of hot-air balloon-like flying critters. They may be able to fly in space, and sensed a giant missile that was about to take out their homeworld. They aren't extinct, despite their homeworld being blown up and them lacking much in the way of technology, but how many survived is unclear.

Rating: 3/5. They're honestly a bit boring, but they give an interesting flavor to the stories they appeared in.

484. Iyra. Iyra are radially symmetrical "cephalopods" (the quotes because cephalopods in the real world aren't radially symmetrical) who grow more tentacles the older they get, leading to the hilarious quote "How dare you speak to me like that! You don't even have a fifth tentacle!"

They have some stuff about how their tentacle number affects social standing, and that if one loses a tentacle due to injury, it also loses social standing and must have its eye corresponding to that tentacle (they get more eyes, too, I guess) surgically removed.


Rating: 3/5. I dislike the implications, but that quote... Dang, that quote.

485. Izi. According to a play by a Hutt playwright, the Izi all got killed by Xim the Despot. Considering that the Hutts were the ones who ended Xim's reign, it seems like this could well be suspect.

Rating: 2/5. That, of course, is assuming there ever were any Izi.

486. Jacipri. Apparently, the Jacipri are famous for their mythology, which is largely about the birth and death of the galaxy.

Rating: 2/5. Yeah, I guess it needs to be somewhere.

487. Jakelians. Of the Jakelians, the article lists under Appearances "Cestus Deception (First mentioned) (Retcon)." ...What?

Rating: N/A. Go away, confusingness.

488. Jandoonians. Apparently, the Jandoonians vanished without a trace a long time ago, and their ghosts are rumored to haunt their planet.

Rating: 2/5. I guess that needs to be somewhere too.

489. Jante. Apparently, they got mixed up in an arms race with some other bunch, the Empire forced them into a ceasefire, and then they "withdrew." From the ceasefire or the conflict? Unclear! UNCLEAR

Rating: 1/5. Because it's unclear.

490. Jarells. Jarells look like purple mustachey Cthulhu guys (only cooler than that sounds). That's cool with me.

They live in the good ol' Kathol sector, incidentally.

Rating: 4/5. Cool.

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