Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Musing On Alchemy

Alchemy is strange.

Note that I'm not talking about imaginary lead into gold silliness. I'm talking about the larger thing that is alchemy.

Alchemy is where the East meets the West.
Alchemy is where Christianity meets paganism.
Alchemy is where science, philosophy, and religion all get relaxed and chummy with each other.
Alchemy is where the small is believed to intersect with the big (alchemy just so happens to have an intertwined history with astrology, among other things).

Alchemy is synthesis, the combination of different things into a new thing. This is completely aside from the old pseudo/protoscientific things and the charlatanism that the word likely evokes.

While I can't take it very seriously, I find it very interesting, and well worth investigating.

-Signing off.

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