Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#43)

421. Harf. Harf have long snouts and massive arms, and shiny red goggle-eyes. They... can also get drunk.

One was witness to the only time the bounty hunter Bossk (the big lizard bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back) managed to one-up Boba Fett (though it may just have been because Fett was tired and in a hurry that day-I don't recall the details, and Wookieepedia isn't terribly forthcoming at the moment).

And that's all.

Rating: 2/5. Not much to go on, but at least there's more than nothing.

422. Haserians. They can play a sport called shockball, and Rodians (Greedo's species) are apparently willing to play it with them.

Rating: 1/5. Are the Rodians willing because of comparable physical abilities, or because if they lose they intend to hunt them down in backalleys later and shoot them in the back? (I kid, I kid.)

423. Hasikian. Hasikians are apparently humanoid, with very obvious scales on their heads.

Rating: 1/5. I've gone on my "humanoid is much too vague a term" rant too often to dredge it up again.

424. Hassarian. They're from Hassaria, and they're members of the New Republic.

Big whoop.

Rating: N/A. Next.

425. Hemes Arbora. The Hemes Arbora are/were a nomadic species that apparently wandered around influencing other cultures.

Rating: 2/5. That's an interesting idea, but we don't get any more information on it.

426. Hendanyns. Apparently, the Hendanyns make/made death masks that apparently absorb the memories of their wearers, preserving them for later generations.

How delightfully creepy.

Rating: 3/5. Finally, something that is actually a thing.

427. Hepsalum Tash, or "The Tash." Apparently, the Tash were created for the "Design an Alien" contest that's been mentioned a few times. They live on Dagobah and are at least eight meters (26 feet, over four times my height) tall.

How did we miss that?

Their design is ugly but interesting. I'm under the impression that the picture was created by the entrant, and said picture is pretty well done. Let's see more art by the guy-I'm curious, anyway.

Rating: 3/5, despite the improbability.

428. Herglics. Herglics are rather large whaleish humanoids. Apparently, they were among the first species to take to the stars, already having hyperdrives of their own when the Duros met them (early Duros hyperdrive travel was contemporary with the earliest recorded history of the Star Wars galaxy, as was human hyperdrive travel, meaning Herglics have been at it for some time). They apparently are sensitive about how big they are compared to most species. (They're much bigger than Wookiees, incidentally.)

Rating: 4/5. They look pretty awesome; there's really not much more to say, although I appreciate them being huge and physically imposing and not only not stupid but accomplished enough to be contemporary early space travelers alongside human-shaped races.

429. Hethas. They ugly. One of them was a gangster.

Rating: 1/5. How much time would I have saved at this, I wonder, if I just listed most species with minimal information that way? "They [insert appearance note]. One of them was a [insert occupation that would probably turn into a stereotype for the species if they ever appeared again]. Rating: Lame/5."

430. Hewett. Hewett make poison pies. Qui-gon Jinn once nearly ate such a poison pie, but somebody pointed out to him that it was a poison pie. The Hewett apologized for nearly serving him a poison pie. Poison pie.

Gosh, sometimes children's books make up for all the nonsense they put me through other times.

Oh yeah, they're also "non-humanoid." That may irritate me more than the vagueness of "humanoid."

Rating: Poison pie/5. Interpret that how you will.

-Signing off.

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