Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#44)

431. Hig. Hig apparently are slender blue "humanoids."

One Hig who appeared was a military guy, and another one knowingly donated the use of her cargo ship to terrorists.

Rating: 2/5. They get that extra point because the two who have been seen have enough separating them that it won't encourage people to make them all simple copies of the originals (because I hate that). Of course, they were both incredibly minor characters...

432. Hiitians or Hiit. Hiitians are big, scary "avian" guys. Interestingly, their first contact with the galaxy at large was with a catlike species. Their homeworld was annexed by the Corporate Sector... somehow... and this made them hostile with the Corporate Sector Authority. (The reason I have that reaction is because the Corporate Sector is supposed to be a region of space that has no native sapient species for some reason, and this is the second species that has somehow been mixed up with them in such a fashion.)

At least one Hiitian was known to have been in line to become a Jedi, and another was known to be a bounty hunter.

Rating: 3/5. That odd bit with their history bothers me, but I like how they look-not very typical for a bird species at all.

433. Hill people. The hill people are related to the Galacians. The Galacians treated the hill people badly until they adopted democracy. At that point, it was revealed that technically, the heir to the Galacian throne was actually the leader of the hill people, and I've pretty much given up caring.

Rating: 2/5. Ah, children's books. Sometimes, they give us insipid stuff like this or the Mofference, and sometimes they give us POISON PIE.

434. Hiromi. The Hiromi invaded Zeltros. This is notable because the Hiromi are known to be incredibly cowardly and to really, really dislike pain. They also go "YAAAAAY" a lot and believe themselves to be great warriors.

Shortly after their attempted invasion, another alien race invaded Zeltros. Then, a third alien race that had been chasing that race invaded. The Zeltrons (Zeltros's inhabitants) didn't mind, as they're apparently pretty open to invasions and wild polyamorous relations free-for-all battles.*

Rating: 4/5. A race of delusional cowardly would-be conquerors? Sure, why not?

435. Ho'Din. The Ho'Din are tall, spindly guys with goofy tendril hair (sometimes that can look cool, but it doesn't here) who are renowned for their medicinal and gardening skills. They're also basically hippies who believe that their religion's equivalent to Mother Nature changed them from being plants as punishment for them sinning against the land and that technology is evil (off their homeworld, a necessary evil, but still evil).

Rating: 3/5. Eh, some parts of that annoy me, but I'm about as amused as I am offended. Whatever, silly space hippies. Whatever.

436. Hogusses. One attacked some Jedi with an axe once.

So apparently they're of exceptionally low intelligence?

Rating: 1/5. Yawn.

437. Holessians. Holessians treat law as something a sport, regarding judges as nearly gods and lawyers as celebrities. They probably have big floppy ears and are probably short (although there's no way to be sure on that) because they're supposedly related to a race who is known for being short and having big floppy ears.

Rating: 3/5. If they actually worshiped practitioners of law, I'd make a joke about a religion of evil or something.

438. Holwuff. Holwuff... are guys who exist, and are rather large and imposing. They apparently were wealthy and interested in joining the Separatists, doing so at some point.

Rating: 2/5. Not much, but not nothing.

439. Homanans. They're ambiguously canonical size-changing shapeshifters.

Rating: 1/5. There are plenty of perfectly canonical size-changing shapeshifters, thank you very much.

440. Hoojibs. Hoojibs are little furry things. This means, of course, that they're potentially insanely dangerous, and they're telepathic, able to drain energy from machines, and fast. Of course, they're friendly, too. One of them may have been propositioned by a Zeltron.*

Rating: 4/5. Eh, entertaining enough, I suppose.

*Zeltrons are known for being... friendly. I only mention it because, well, it'll probably be a while before I get to their entry.

-Signing off.

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