Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Transformers-Related Note

Had some weirdness in my schedule today as well as getting distracted by the good old Transformers Wiki (seriously, it just keeps getting better), and so I leave you with this semi-related music video and an idle comment.

The idle comment is that I really like the way the Transformers franchise handles alternate realities within its borders, that being that the reality that is most aware of said alternate realities has a classification system which allows the interested reader to reverse-engineer what the terminology means.

It incidentally makes allowances for the real world in this alternate reality system. (It also covers things that weren't originally Transformers, such as GoBots [Tonka, which made GoBots, was acquired by Hasbro] and Robotix [you can click the label to see previous posts by myself on the subject] but which have since been retconned to be Transformers. Yes, really.)

That is awesome.

-Signing off.

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