Friday, May 25, 2012

Game Review: Epic Combo Redux

Epic Combo Redux is the "sequel" to Epic Combo. If you've never heard of Epic Combo, go read that review first.

Back? Okay, good.

Epic Combo Redux is basically just a remake of Epic Combo.

More turtles, more diverse and interesting gadgets, and a bigger hammer.

Also more bright green flashes of light.

The new set of gadgets includes some of the old ones and new more different ones, while eliminating the redundant and/or boring ones. From the looks of things, the game also includes a better counter system (the old one had big, awkward numbers that started sliding off the screen after a certain point). Also, despite the game having a base goal of one million instead of ten thousand, it feels, at least, like it goes rather faster.

However, just like the original, the game involves lots of sitting around waiting for your combos to resolve, because seriously.

I think I'd recommend this game over the older one for the most part, as it takes less time to set up the infinitely sustainable combos that will carry you for most of the game and the game is prettier to watch; then you can watch the turtle carnage. You probably don't want to waste more than an afternoon, if that, playing it, however.

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