Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ghostbusters Vs. Ghostbusters

Have you ever wondered why the cartoon based on the Ghostbusters movie was called "The Real Ghostbusters?"

Back in the day, I'd always kind of cocked my head and wondered if they were taking a jab at the movies, which did not make sense to even my totally insane little kid self.

No, they were taking a jab at this contemporary series.

And do you know why?

In order to make the Ghostbusters movies, they needed to obtain the rights to the Ghostbusters name, which was already trademarked by Filmation because they'd made a low-budget live action TV series of the same name years before.

Filmation was perfectly happy to grant the rights to the name for the movie-they'd make money, after all-and were eager to do a cartoon adaptation.

Except that, when the adaptation came around, the decision was made to cut Filmation out of it.

So Filmation said "Eh, screw it" and made a Ghostbusters cartoon anyway (based loosely on the original TV show).

The name "The Real Ghostbusters" was both a jab back at Filmation and a way to get around the trademark, which Filmation of course didn't grant for use in their cartoon.

So now you know. And knowing... is half of some other cartoon's PSAs.

-Signing off.

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Sávio Christi said...

The "Real" in the tittle of Columbia and DIC cartoon was used to snub the concurrent Filmation cartoon...

And also, the two series are almost that totally different...

Then, hugs and until more!