Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#42)

(Note: I made a judgment call and decided that, despite them being listed as a species by Wookieepedia, the Hapan do not strictly qualify as such. They're just a nationality/ethnicity of human, albeit a significant one.)

411. Gwngi. The Gwngi have a ceremonial dialect.

Nice to know... I guess.

Rating: 1/5. That's not much to go on. I kinda like their name, though, even though I've got no idea how to pronounce it.

412. Gwurrans. The Gwurrans are a subspecies of Ansionian (if you don't feel like reading the entry, all I had to say was "they're ugly") who are short, furry, long-tailed, and treated badly by other Ansionians. In other words, they're subject to racism. They apparently live hobo/gypsy lifestyles.

Rating: 2/5. Poor so-and-sos.

413. H'drachi. The H'drachi are "cameloids" who seem to prefer a rather Arabic mode of dress. They apparently have the ability to see the future through the Force, and get better at it the more they do it.

...I'm not even sure how to respond to that.

Rating: 2/5. Really just because camel aliens have to be some of the rarest out there.

414. H'nemthe. Heh heh, the H'nemthe. (Gosh, that name is unintuitive to type.)

The H'nemthe like to seek romance. Male H'nemthe don't do this as much, because there are lots and lots of them relative to females, and the females gut them with razor-sharp tongues reflexively when they mate.

Two of the ol' cantina aliens are colloquially called "the Lovers." One of them was a male Gotal, and the other was/is a female H'nemthe. Note the past tense on the Gotal.

Rating: 3/5. I found the story featuring the H'nemthe to be grimly comedic; really, the H'nemthe are grimly comedic on the whole, even though they're rather gentle-natured and sweet other than the whole disemboweling with razor tongue thing.

415. Habassa. Apparently, the Habassa allied with the Rebel Alliance and provided them with a base for a while; when that went bad, they pointed out the Hoth system as a potential location for the next base.

Kind of a bad choice, methinks.

Rating: 1/5. There's really no information on the Habassa themselves. I can imagine several things that them pointing the Rebels at Hoth might mean, such as "well, who'd ever look on such a nasty little snowball" and "eh, they got us attacked, why not send them somewhere they'll all freeze?"

416. Habeen. The Habeen and their close neighbors, the Nharwaak, developed a new kind of hyperdrive that apparently was useful for starfighters, as the Empire attacked them to acquire this hyperdrive, and decisively trashed them.

Rating: 2/5. I give them an extra point because of the idea of the Habeen and Nharwaak (who have an awesome name) collaborating to invent something is unusual in the Star Wars setting and should happen more often.

417. Hakarians. Hakarians are swarming insectoids created for a story written by Tom DeFalco (yes, that Tom DeFalco). They were taught by Jedi how to defeat battle droids, which may mean that battle droids are officially the weakest mooks in all of fiction.

Rating: 3/5, if only because I got to type that sentence.

418. Hamadryas. Mostly, they're ugly humans who apparently don't have "true" carotid arteries and don't need to blink.

Rating: 2/5. For the "huh?" factor.

419. Harch. The Harch are handsome six-armed spider folk who are apparently slightly related to Aqualish. The Harch have classified discussions of their relationship to the Aqualish obscene, however, so don't bring it up.

Rating: 4/5. I wouldn't want to be associated with the Aqualish either.

420. Hardex. Apparently, they really don't like jokes involving themselves and banthas, or at least, one of their ambassadors didn't.

Rating: 2/5. I'm trying to figure out why someone would be enough of a jerk to tell a Hardex ambassador an ethnic joke about Hardex.

-Signing off.

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