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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #40

It feels like #300 wasn't that long ago...

391. Gosfamblings. A diminutive, quiet people who are incredibly unforgiving. Why? Because if anyone in their society ever runs for political office and loses ever, nobody will ever vote for them ever again.

Rating: 3/5. I like the quiet/harsh dichotomy. Also, there are days when I think they must have the right idea...

392. Gossams. Known for being intelligent and scheming, thus being represented amongst both legitimate merchants and amongst pirates and smugglers. What, no lawyers?

They look rather interesting, anyway.

Rating: 3/5. Mostly for appearance and giving me a chance at the good old lawyers gag.

393. Gotals. Gotals have horns that give them an acute sensory ability comparable to Force-based senses. They don't like droids, as those are "noisy" to this sense. Their ability to sense emotions and people means that they are commonly seen in jobs ranging from bounty hunters to diplomats. That's an interesting resumè.

There was also one in the good old cantina scene.

Rating: 4/5. Gotals are a pretty solid group all in all.

394. Gotiards. Gotiards are described as "simians... with heads that resembled goats," and phrases like that always make me say "gee, having a whole goat for a head would be awkward. Oh, wait, that's not what you meant..."

Anyway, apparently they're huge goat-head gorillas, and the males like slapping each other on the chest by way of friendly greeting. When members of other species try to fit in with them by imitating this, apparently Gotiards are amused.

That sounds rather condescending.

Rating: 2/5. Eh, it's kind of appealing, but animal chimera aliens have been done.

395. Govians. They're from Govia.

Rating: N/A.

396. Graadorians. Nothing is known about the Graadorians themselves; the most important thing about them is that they live on a planet called Graador, where they have to coexist with mutant mynocks and space slugs, both of which apparently are sapient and much more dangerous than the garden varieties. Unsurprisingly, their planet is pretty isolated and was once considered a prime candidate for a Rebel base.

Rating: 2/5. It'd be nice to know something about them beyond all that, but at least there's something.

397. Gran. The Gran are three-eyed cow-faced guys (as cow-faced as anybody with three eyestalks can be, anyway) and are apparently peaceful and eat really large meals, allowing them to go days between meals. If you meet one outside of their society, they're generally exiles and tend to go insane. Nice.

Also, despite being "peaceful," their colony on Malastare subjugates the natives, the Dugs.

Rating: 2/5. They annoy me.

398. Grannan. Apparently, while Grannan are described as "near-humans," they actually have retractable fingers and toes and can breathe "methanogen," whatever that means.

A colony of them was destroyed (sans a single individual, who died taking revenge) by the Yevethan Purge (which I've mentioned on a few occasions in the past).

Rating: 2/5. The retractable digits thing sounds interesting, anyway.

399. Graygl. Apparently, Graygl are another member of the good ol' Iskalonian school, and are helpful to the other members because they can scare off predators called chiaki (which seem to be huge eels equivalent to sharks).

Rating: 3/5. I've mentioned it before, but the Iskalonian school is a very interesting concept overall.

400. Gree. Oh my gosh, it's the Gree!

Some time ago, I stumbled across references to "non-Gree" in the "Gree enclave." This was really frustrating, because this format discourages me talking about guys who are coming down the line except in passing. So what are the Gree?

Gree are adorable octopus-like guys. The advanced age of their civilization means that their technology is largely incompatible and bizarre to the rest of the galaxy.

Oh, yes, and while the time period is called "the most ancient and forgotten days" by their historians, they were contemporaries with those Celestial guys.

Fascinating. They deserve more attention.

Rating: 5/5. Wow, that's easily the best one of the landmark spots has done.

-Signing off.

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