Friday, April 27, 2012

I'd Have Thought They'd Learned Their Lesson

This is a fan-made trailer for a US-made movie that was originally scheduled for this year but is now scheduled for 2014 instead.

If you're wondering where a fan-made trailer came up with a computer-generated Toho-style Godzilla, there's a mild cheat involved: This is a clip from a Japanese film set in the post-war era and which isn't likely to be translated into English because it's too steeped in Japanese culture, and this is an imaginary sequence within the film.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the movie. While I haven't seen much evidence that Hollywood "gets" Godzilla, it's liable to be a nice-looking film.

(I actually found the 1997 Godzilla film better than people gave it credit for, though the best thing to come from it was the tie-in cartoon, which was basically about the benevolent '70s-era Toho Godzilla, but without the restrictions of the original filmmaking style and with mildly more reasonable science in most episodes.)

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