Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kamen Rider OOO Combo Change Medley: Because It Is

While this music video uses Kamen Rider OOO's Combo Change Medley (note: "OOO" is pronounced "ohz"), it's actually something of a general love letter to tokusatsu in general. If you don't recognize everything in it, don't feel bad-I'm a huge nerd, and I don't recognize everything (although I generally recognize the majority of it and would probably be able to find information on it if I really wanted to).

I particularly like the opening, which is an interesting way to frame it without being too obvious it's not OOO/Kamen Rider-exclusive at first.

(And for those of you wondering why I titled this post "Because It Is," it's because of a hilarious exchange in the comments on the video:

Incoherent Commenter: "PuToTyra??? Why Abaranger???" [To translate: "Where's the PuToTyra combo in that opening sequence? Why did you put Abaranger (the series from which Power Rangers Dino Thunder was derived) there?"]

Non-English Speaking Video Poster: "Motifs and Putotira Abaranger is Pteranodon, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus because it is. ※This document uses the Google translation." ["The motifs of both PuToTyra and Abaranger are Pteranodon, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus. ※I don't speak English, so I'm using Google Translate, and there's this weird symbol here."]

That's great.)

-Signing off.

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