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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #39

381. Glymphids. The Glymphids are from Poo Ploo II. If that joke seems familiar, that's because the Fluggrians come from a closely neighboring moon to the homeworld of the Fluggrians (mentioned here).

They look a little more interesting, and their homeworld's name is better, because it rhymes with itself. Otherwise, they're practically the same-they even have the same status as a podracing species.

Rating: 3/5. That's the same score the Fluggrians got, I suppose. It's a very narrow improvement, really.

382. Gobindi. The Gobindi of Gobindi were wiped out by a plague. They somehow knew how to cure and contain the plague, though (huh?), and made a bunch of big old ziggurats with the information needed to create the cure written on them.

Rating: 2/5. Um, logic fail. I mean, yeah, maybe they just didn't come up with the cure in time, but still.

383. Godoans. [EDIT: Whoops, for the longest time, this didn't have a link!] The Godoans of Godo have some kind of really odd plot around them which involves certain artifacts which are apparently vital components in some kind of lost technology-based device which is somehow vital to their survival.

No, I don't know.

Rating: 2/5. Kind of interesting, but also excessively vague.

384. Golden Sun. The Golden Sun is a hive-minded coral entity. (Or possibly was.) It apparently has/had an enormous power output that the inhabitants of its planet, Sedri, used to power their civilization. However, they cut off its nutrient supply in their efforts to protect it from outsiders, and despite its attempt to contact them telepathically, it seemed that there was no way for it to remedy the situation.

So it might have been starved...

Rating: 4/5. The concept is interesting, the story is rather horrifying.

385. Gorezh. They may have upward-slanted eyes, but the factual accuracy of the article is disputed.

Incidentally, Wookieepedia has one of the funniest fact-dispute notifications ever.

Rating: N/A. I might have given it an extra point for bringing my attention to the fact-dispute notification, but... nah.

386. Gorm. The Gorms are peaceful and primitive reptilians who hunt for food but are otherwise nonviolent. The Empire legalized hunting them for sport; it was illegalized after the Empire fell.

Rating: 4/5. They get an extra point for being an implicitly good-aligned reptilian species.

387. Gormak. The Gormak are a violent, warlike, and fairly populous race that lives on the planet Voss. About 4,000 years before the movies, the Sith Empire (unrelated to the later Galactic Empire that just happened to be ruled by a Sith) tried to conquer Voss, not knowing that there was a less populous and apparently pacifistic but apparently more powerful race, the Voss, living there, who kept the Sith Empire out easily.

Additionally, the Gormak are a rather angry bunch who hate outsiders and also the Voss. Kind of ungrateful...

Rating: 3/5. Anger issues can be used for good entertainment.

388. Gorothites. [EDIT: Whoops, how long has that link been pointing the wrong way?] Among themselves known as the B'Dellyi (singular B'Del), or "people," the Gorothites were slaves to the Empire who were freed when it fell.

Like about half the various nonhuman species.

They're also kind of ugly and have serious posture problems.

Rating: 2/5. Well, at least their heads are an interesting kind of ugly; too bad about all the rest.

389. Gorphs. Gorphs are frog people of rather unclear size (probably larger than Ewoks) who live in a cave on Endor. Their queen wanted an Ewok girl to marry her son.

I am under the distinct impression that the Ewok wasn't too thrilled at the idea.

Rating: 3/5. Just because they have an interesting appearance that I think I'd be interested in seeing in a less cartoony interpretation.

390. Gorum. The Gorum have tails that they use to hang upside-down from trees while sleeping and suck fluids from foods with their tongues. They also have large red eyes.

Guys, do you realize that they've got a number of the basic necessary traits to be vampires?

Rating: 3/5, if only because of the ambiguous vampiric nature thing.

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