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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #32

311. Firrerreo. The Firrerreo are a race who has pretty much been devastated time and again by warfare and plagues. An Imperial loyalist Firrerreo wanted to prove to Darth Vader how hardcore he was, and so arranged to wipe out their homeworld Firrerre's population with a plague, and only thousands were known for sure to have survived-they were kept in slave ships by that genocidal Firrerreo, and later freed. (Said genocidal Firrerreo was later eaten by an antimatter monster from another universe [well, basically]. Seriously.) One of the colonies the survivors founded was later wiped out by the Yuuzhan Vong. When a Firrerreo showed up in one book set after the latter event, she and other characters noted her kind were now exceptionally rare, to the point where there were concerns they would continue to exist; she was hanging out with a powerful old politician who more or less kept her around to enjoy her company because she was exquisitely beautiful. (She also helped him with secretarial and personal espionage... stuff, if I recall correctly.)

Which is one of the things about Firrerreo; while it isn't invariably so, the general popular notion seems to be that Firrerreo are very sexy.

One of the other things about Firrerreo is that they may have had extreme healing ability; like, borderline Wolverine extreme. (Wolverine from two or perhaps three decades ago, not regenerates-from-nuclear-detonations Wolverine.) However, the only Firrerreo that I know for a fact did this was also a Jedi who specialized in healing, I believe, so...

Rating: 4/5. I'm a sucker for the Firrerreo, I'll admit. I just feel so darned sorry for them, and it doesn't help that there's just that one particular very appealing picture of one.

312. Flakax. Flakax are a race of rather large colonial bug people. "Rather large" means that their average height is over six and a half feet tall. Not quite as big as a Wookiee, sure, but still, that's taller than me, and I'm not small by any stretch of the imagination. Unlike many colonial bug races from science fiction, the Flakax have a social structure that actually almost matches real colonial insects: The majority of their numbers are drones, there is a queen who is a breeder, and males serve only to mate with the queens (who in this case kill and eat the males). Sure, it's said that they become crazy without a queen's "guidance," but since they're intelligent and independently so, don't you think they'd be pretty upset if their community was doomed to destruction by the death of a queen?

Also, if a male is found anywhere, he's probably escaped and is likely a dangerous fugitive. That's... kind of twisted.

For my sister's amusement, here is an article on an individual Flakax. I know she will at least giggle.

Rating: 3/5. I like bug people. There's nothing exceptional about these guys, but they aren't bad, either.

313. Fleebogs. Fleebogs are (roughly) inch-tall people who... who kind of remind me of alien toys I had as a kid.

They were involved in a "let's shrink for an episode" story from the Ewoks cartoon comic book tie-in. Apparently, one of their communities came under threat from a single scorpion-like arthropod getting hungry and invading their home tunnel.

Rating: 3/5. They're honestly too small to be remotely realistic, but since when has that been a real problem? Although honestly, I gave them a bonus for reminding me of childhood memories which had little to nothing to do with Star Wars.

314. Flesh Raiders. The Flesh Raiders have a rather awesome name. They're some kind of primitive tribal guys who look like rubbery hammerhead shark people, or something. They primarily exist as video game enemies.

Rating: 3/5. They're "primitive," but they also seem to have piping running in and out of their bodies. Weird.

315. Floubetteans. They're known for their complex mating dance, which is apparently considered high art by other avian species, but revolting to "most humans."

Um, so is there a reason behind this? Like, does the mating dance go right into the actual mating, perhaps? I could think of a few reasons why it'd bother people if that's the case, not the least being that bird sex is often violent. (Well, I suppose it varies a lot from bird to bird, but what I always think of is the mauled behinds of my neighbor's hens-their rooster always yanked out all their tail feathers for some chicken-headed reason. This is not an invitation to talk about chicken sex in the comments.)

Rating: 2/5. At least it's an amusing cultural detail.

316. Fluggrians. Fluggrians inhabit Poo Ploo IV, a moon of Poo Ploo. They look goshdarned ugly.

One was a podracer, which presumably means fast reflexes. They'd need 'em, based on their little bean bodies.

Rating: 3/5. It's a reasonably pleasing kind of goshdarned ugly, really.

317. Fneebs. Greedo saw some Fneebs once.

Rating: No/5.

318. Fnessian. The Fnessian of Fnessal are basically slug-headed rough humanoids with masses of hairlike fleshy things on the backs/tops of their heads. They have at least one gender which doesn't match up with what we're familiar with called "thos." We don't actually know if there are male or female Fnessian.

Rating: 3/5, although it'd be nice to know for sure that "thos" was actually some different gender than the standard biological ones. Hey, maybe their language has actual words for nonstandard sexuality? ...Nah, that's unlikely.

319. Fondorians. From the sound of things, Fondorians are snooty intellectuals who compose music and expect other people to think they're smart and like them.

Rating: 1/5. What makes it worse is that they're just slightly different-looking humans. I'd probably give them a fairly high rating if they were, I don't know, eight-hundred pound sapient jellyfish or something and had an otherwise similar description.

320. Force Demons. A bit disappointingly, Force Demons are crystalline creatures with glowy stuff inside them.

On the other hand, they're immobile-looking crystalline creatures with glowy stuff in them that are said to have once ruled the galaxy with their near-immeasurable power. (They apparently predated the race called Celestials. This would mean they existed as a dominant galactic civilization over 100,000 years before the era of the movies.)

The only known member of the species, Wutzek, had somehow been imprisoned by a bunch of stupid cultists who mistakenly believed Chewbacca was just an animal and put him in a cage that any halfway intelligent person could open; when Chewbacca freed others that the cult had imprisoned, Wutzek was among them. Out of gratitude, Wutzek let the cast escape and then blew up the ship they had all been imprisoned on (which was in what the cult described as "another dimension"); then, Wutzek apparently went free him/itself, and was hypothetically in a position to be a threat to the galaxy at large.

But since it was a one-shot story, that didn't happen. If it had, it would have been great, though.

Rating: 3/5. Y'know what would have been awesome? If they had dug these guys up from that old comic they'd appeared in and had them be involved in the big huge extended storyline that they wrote about the Yuuzhan Vong instead. If they'd done that, it'd have been just about the best thing ever.

-Signing off.

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