Monday, February 20, 2012

After the End, We'll Still Laugh (Assuming Anybody's Left)

Because it's part of being human.

My sister found a delightful webcomic yesterday, and I thought today, "Meh, I'm tired and I do have some other stuff to do-I'll just talk a (very) little about that! And some other sorta not quite related webcomic!"

Happily, there was a trailer of sorts for it.

(Don't question the weirdness-the Captain there talks a lot about having been a little girl. Nobody's quite sure if it's true, although for the record the person in the costume is apparently a woman more often than it is a man. Yes, really. Incidentally, that just makes the character even better, at least so far as I'm concerned.)

Romantically Apocalyptic is the strangest webcomic I've seen in a while. And as I read comics that feature Transformer toys as characters, that's saying something. Not that it's a bad thing, unless you hate (or just don't get) Dada humor. Which this is.

The beautiful and striking thing about it is that it's essentially the equivalent to the higher-end of those Transformers comics I've alluded to, but done with actors/models instead of toys. That is, it's photographically based and uses Photoshop to change it from pictures of people in costumes to people in costumes in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

It's also confusing as all heck, so while you could easily read the seventy-odd pages in a single sitting (they're big and beautiful, but light on text), it'd probably serve to go through more than once and look at additional materials, which will probably suck up a fair chunk of additional time. (Not that it took me that long, but I cheated with the TVTropes page.)

A more down to earth comic, Gone with the Blast Wave, has similar elements, although they don't have that much in common other than the look and general setting. (People who are unidentifiable except by their costumes wander a post-apocalyptic setting, although the art is so different that Romantically Apocalyptic's beautifully oppressive color choices make Gone with the Blast Wave's setting look cozy.) It's also... well, very, very sporadic. (The most recent page went up last July, and it isn't actually considered to be entirely on hiatus by its author.) It's more about violence as comedy, as well (RA is more like total bug-poop insanity as comedy-when a terrifying alien monster construct infiltrates one character's brain, the monster freezes up for a minute because he's that doggone nuts... and he's not necessarily the craziest one).

Anyway, pretty unique and entertaining stuff, and... Um... Yeah, I don't know what I'd do to end this post. (I did say I was tired.)

End post.

-Signing off.

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