Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'll Pretty Much Vote Dinosaur Every Time

I'm not going to lie: These are some awesome dinosaurs (and giant lizard thing).

I don't really mind the old-fashioned, inaccurate dinosaurs, and to be honest, in terms of accuracy issues, these things are pretty much not problematic beyond the tail on the theropod (the theropod does take the unbalanced stance some of the time, but when it's actually walking its posture is much more correct-the issue is that tail, which hangs low and is too flexible, a thing newer movies and sources get wrong with alarming frequency). (I hesitate to call it a Tyrannosaurus, rex or otherwise, because not only is it a stupid movie monster, but because this clip is from "Planet of Dinosaurs," which apparently had some crazy convergent evolution going on, and even if the species was physically indistinguishable from T. rex, it's pretty unlikely scientists would be willing to describe it as the same species.)

What makes it is the music, though.

Those people, though? All annoying idiots whose gruesome deaths by mauling wouldn't inspire the slightest twinge of sympathy in me.

I mean, I don't have context, but what the heck? You're all sitting around in the open, with no lookouts and some of you aren't keeping track of your weapons! (Although I think I've seen another clip from this movie, and it looks like their weapons are... pretty useless.)

-Signing off.

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