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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #33

321. Force wielders. Force wielders are some kind of apparently immensely powerful race who are presumably all strong in the Force. They can shapeshift, and some members (that is, just two members) of the race apparently could have had a disproportionate effect on the balance of the Force. Maybe. Or something.

Somebody apparently thought they might have been the Celestials.

[EDIT MUCH LATER ADDENDUM: Apparently, it's been recently claimed that the Killik, a race of bugs whom I haven't reached as of this writing, remember working under "The Ones," or the "Force wielders," who are/were the Celestials, and building Centerpoint Station, a huge space station that can potentially be used to destroy suns, and which was supposedly created to imprison an eldritch abomination, who was... also a Celestial/something? Maybe? This hasn't really affected their score any.]

Rating: 1/5. Give me my goshdarned Force demons, darnit!

322. Forshul. The Forshul wanted to punish the Bothans during the Caamas document crisis.

At least one Forshul had a booming voice, a thin, long face, and shaggy blue-green hair. Wookieepedia thus assumes all of them do.

Rating: 2/5. Grr, Wookieepedia, don't make such assumptions.

323. Fosh. The Fosh are-or were-a race of bird people. They are/were uncommon and elusive. One of them was involved in the whole Yuuzhan Vong thing, and was a probable Jedi and possibly also a Sith. Maybe. She lied a lot (Obi Wan's "certain point of view" looked like total straightforwardness by comparison), and I'm inclined to think other characters lied about her a lot.

...There's not a lot of information to go on, actually.

Rating: 4/5. They're interesting because of the mystery. Vergere appeared in a fairly large number of books, and was a regular character, but I'm inclined to say we still know next to nothing about her.

324. Fraii Wys. The Fraii Wys were thought to have been extinct for nine thousand years when they suddenly turned up again. I have a mental image of them looking like coelacanths now.

Rating: 3/5 for the mental image alone.

325. Fras. Ambiguously canonical tiger people who laze about most of the time, but during the three to five hours of activity they do go into each day, they are frenetic, and also prone to eating their dead enemies.

Rating: 3/5. Hey, that's an interesting variation on the ol' cat alien, isn't it. It even comes across as a lot like a real cat.

326. Freckers. Freckers are apparently sapient killer rodents. Once, some were unleashed in a pack intended to kill Jabba in his sleep by eating him.

I'm inclined to think that wouldn't have worked so well, as Hutts can actually stand up to being hit with blasters more than once in the same spot because their hide is thick. Also, if Jabba shifts in his sleep, they'd all be crushed instantly.

Rating: 1/5. I'm not sure there's even much evidence they're sapient, and there are plenty of other rodent aliens around.

327. Freda. The Freda had an armed conflict with their neighbors, the Jante, which apparently ended when the Empire said "Cut that out! Don't make me come over there!"

Rating: 1/5. You can only read so many of these casual little non-articles before they start to grate on you.

328. Frenk. Frenk are skinny alien people. A couple of them were bounty hunters during the Clone Wars.

Rating: 2/5. They're reasonably appealing, I guess... Although the fact that these seemingly reptilian/amphibian creatures who are painfully thin also have what look like breasts is kind of weird. (I guess that it could be a rib cage, maybe?)

329. Frezhlix. The Frezhlix blockaded their neighbors in anger after said neighbors opposed a Galactic Senate bill that would have demanded the Bothans pay reparations to the Caamasi during the Caamas document crisis. Hey, twice in one post?

Rating: 2/5. Not much else to say.

330. Frid. The Frid, like the Chuhkyvi, are part of the Iskalonian school, a diverse group of aquatic races who all lived on the planet Iskalon (who all ended up there when their various homeworlds went kaput). They are considered the least humanoid Iskalonians.

Rating: 3/5. They actually look like an aquatic species! Amazing!

-Signing off.

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