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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #30

(Last week's article has a small revision, by virtue of one of the species it mentions having their page updated.)

291. Falleen. The Falleen are human-like reptilian people who have an average lifespan of 250 years, are considered very attractive by human standards (despite their prominently scaly and spiny backs), and that's apparently without the pheromones that let them mess with your head (regardless of your preferences).

They hated Darth Vader because he saved their planet from a plague once. Granted, he did it by vaporizing an entire town...

Probably the most notable Falleen was Prince Xizor, a major mob boss whose family had been killed in that incident, and who sought to take revenge on Darth Vader by 1) taking his place as the Emperor's right hand man, and 2) killing Luke Skywalker, whom he had somehow learned was Darth Vader's son. (He also, largely coincidentally, was trying to seduce Leia.)

Darth Vader didn't take kindly to this, and it didn't end well for ol' Xizor.

Rating: 4/5. They're fairly interesting, and they're also very good at being huge creeps. At they very least, they're useful when you need a huge creep, so they get more than they might have otherwise.

292. Farangs. A holographic board game was based on the conflict between the Farangs and the Waroot. This conflict was really old and continuous, and thus was unique and distinct in many ways, making it an interesting study for tacticians and strategists.

Rating: 2/5. Sparse information, although it suggests good ideas, I think.

293. Farghul. Fearsome fighters, mischievous, a weird sense of humor, and cheaters at gambling who will give up their illicit winnings as long as you catch them? Oh, hey, typical cat aliens.

Rating: 3/5. They get a point for not having an obvious cat alien name-seriously, there's not a single hint in there that they're cats, not even a "k" sound.

294. Farnym. They're known for smelling of ginger and sandalwood, and for their "bowling-ball roundness."

Wait, there's bowling in the Star Wars galaxy? (And for that matter, ginger and sandalwood? I mean, there's a book where they describe hot cocoa as an exotic drink, but...)

Rating: 2/5. I hate short descriptions, but this one at least means something... Something vague, but something.

295. Faruun. A sapient species of ship-builders (as opposed, of course, to a nonsapient species of ship-builders, because those pesky nonsapient species are building spaceships and cruising around with them all the time, you know), the Faruun built numerous interesting spacecraft that made for an excellent splash page invasion fleet.

They were enslaved by another species, who had also enslaved the guys who used said invasion fleet, and those guys were running from the other species. But that has little to do with the Faruun directly.

The Faruun and associated species are among the few Star Wars species who originated outside of the Star Wars galaxy, albeit in a closely linked satellite galaxy.

Rating: 3/5. Aside from that lovely splash page, the background material on the Faruun is interesting. (It also unintentionally demonstrates that the fact that nobody ranges outside of it [the Star Wars galaxy, that is] is largely an arbitrary choice.)

296. Faust. The Faust... have only one known individual, and his only real distinguishing feature, a head ridge, may not be a feature of female Faust.

And that's all we know about the Faust as a species.

Rating: 1/5. Bleh, they're pretty boring in appearance, too. Well, "he's" pretty boring in appearance, I guess.

297. Feeorin. The Feeorin are reptilian beings who have tentacles as a hair substitute. They get stronger as they age, and can live to be about four hundred. They tend to come across as selfish. They lost their original homeworld and established a colony on at least one other world, but apparently that colony was destroyed, and so the Feeorin have a rather limited population at present.

Rating: 3/5. This is mostly because they look rather cool.

298. Fefze. From the planet Fef, the Fefze are insectoids who are independently nonsapient but sapient in groups, as they form hive minds when together. These swarms range from ten to a hundred individuals.

They also vomit stomach acid both to eat and for self defense.

Rating: 4/5. Bug people who are unabashedly bugs through and through appeal to me.

299. Felacatians. The Felacatians are rather obvious cat aliens (cat alien species feel like they travel in packs...), but with an unusual twist: They're actually werecats, because while they normally are merely cattish near-humans, they have a tendency to turn into huge saber-toothed cat beasts under stress. (This can be mitigated by training, and some Felacatians apparently can completely control their transformations.)

Unfortunately for any travelers who might plan on being in the same spacecraft as a Felacatian, hyperspace travel is apparently a huge source of stress for them. And, oh yeah, in their beast forms they can tear durasteel to shreds. When the Felacatian princess Miaria Prrt (great name) was kidnapped, she ended up turning into her beast form and killing all of them, despite the fact that they were presumably not very nice people who probably had blasters.

Rating: 4/5. They're rather amusing, if a bit out of place, and while they have very cat-themed names, they aren't really quite typical cat aliens-in fact, I would have expected a species with these characteristics to be a dog-themed alien. Also, that princess is rather attractive...

300. Felin. Ambiguously canon sapients.

Rating: N/A. Ugh.

Well, there's three hundred down, and only... Darn it, Wookieepedia, your split categories aren't very helpful. (Probably over seven hundred or so.)

-Signing off.

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