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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #31

(I guess I was taking an impromptu break after hitting 300 alien races.)

301. Felinians. Ambiguously canonical cat aliens whose only certain characteristic is that they can wield blasters made for humans, their homeworld Zoma V is unambiguously canonical.

A shared universe with lots of media for it created by hundreds or even thousands of different people is a weird place, you guys.

Rating: 2/5. The reason for a 2/5 over a 1/5 is because reading the "Behind the Scenes" section of the article gives interesting insight on the bizarre processes that result in something like the sentence I used to describe these guys.

302. Felucians. Not to be mistaken for another kind of Felucian (the "Jungle Felucian," who is presumably under "J" and which I thus won't get around to for a while), these Felucians are... rather charmingly bottomheavy. Seriously, look at the page picture-they're adorable.

Rating: 3/5. Just because they're cute, in a cuddly cartoonish sort of way.

303. Fenelar. The Fenelar made good armor. (I mean, they created good armor. People didn't use them as armor. That would be strange and/or horrific.) Emphasis on "made," as the Mandalorians killed them all between four and five thousand years before the movie era.

Rating: 2/5. Well, there's nothing to go on, but at least they're texture instead of meaningless detail. (What do I mean by that? They add a feel rather than just distract you, that feel being "Boy, those Mandalorians, they were pretty nasty to kill all those guys.")

304. Fere. At some point just shy of two hundred years before the movie era (give or take a bit and depending on the movies in question), the Fere all died in a plague.

They had six fingers per hand and were master shipbuilders.

Rating: 2/5. Texture again, although how there was a plague nasty enough to do that in the Star Wars galaxy is a bit mind-boggling. One wonders if perhaps they had some kind of anti-technology bent, except, well, master shipbuilders, y'know?

305. Ferroans. The Ferroans have a set of worlds in addition to their homeworld (Ferro, obviously) which are called the "Inner Ferro Systems." They are thus a relatively significant little region, and while they were nominally part of the Old Republic, they apparently were isolationist and didn't pay much attention to the Republic's laws that didn't suit them. (There's no information on their relationship with the New Republic or the Empire.) They apparently are known to follow a Force-based religion.

Ferroan colonists settled on a planet called Zonama Sekot, which turned out to be the child (!) of the original living (but now dead) homeworld of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Yes, really.

They're described as having pale blue skin and gold eyes; it is said that the women usually have white hair, but some have "traditional black" hair, whatever the flipping heck that means.

Rating: 4/5. It seems a little high, especially considering my low opinion of things connected to the Yuuzhan Vong, but hear me out. First, their little enclave is one of those interesting small internal nations within the larger Star Wars galaxy. Those are usually fun. Second, Zonama Sekot is the place where the Yuuzhan Vong were exiled when they were defeated. I don't know how they fit the presumably billions and billions of them all on one planet without making things awkward (unless the Vong had their population whittled down that much, I honestly don't remember or care to look it up), but Zonama Sekot was shown to be busy in later books trying to reform the Yuuzhan Vong warriors into farmers and peaceful people. This is hilarious, especially when you consider how doggoned bloody-minded Vong warriors are. (It's also ironic because the indication is that the Vong used to be extremely peaceful before they rebelled against and killed their living homeworld.) Admittedly, rating the Ferroans high because of a planet they colonized is a bit silly, but it's my goshdarned rating and I'll be arbitrary the way I want to be. Third, their color scheme sounds appealing. Good enough reasons for me.

306. Fia. The Fia (singular is "Fian") are a group of wide-footed, thick-legged, and frankly ugly folk. Probably the most interesting thing about them is that they seemed to be good at using political maneuvering to avoid being wiped out by invaders.

To wit: Their homeworld, Galantos, is in the Koornacht Cluster, a region where the Yevetha, xenophobes who hated everybody and were at one time heavily armed, lived. They joined the New Republic just to have the protection of the Republic's military against the Yevetha when the Yevetha began a "great purge" of the region. Later, they agreed to leave the New Republic so that the Yuuzhan Vong would exterminate the Yevetha. After that, when the Yuuzhan Vong, no nice guys themselves, showed up to invade and/or exterminate the Fia, they decided to rejoin the Republic in a hurry.

Rating: 3/5. While I find them... unappealing to look at, their honestly rather cowardly (though understandably so) political maneuvering amuses me quite a bit.

307. Fiery Ones. The Fiery Ones are little floating orbs that live on Kathol. They probably weren't created by the DarkStryder, which created most of Kathol's indigenous species, so it's a bit of a mystery. They're adept at using the local special variant of Force powers, Ta-Ree energy.

There's not much more to them than that.

Rating: 3/5. A little odd, in a good way. (And yeah, the associated Lovecraft reference helps too.)

308. Filar-Nitzan. The Filar-Nitzan are gaseous beings (no jokes please), and make excellent spies because they're borderline invisible and can pass through barriers that would be, well, impassable to anyone else. They're not widely known, and there are legends associated with them that call them "cloud demons" and "gas devils" (I said no jokes).

Rating: 3/5. While gaseous entities (stop laughing) are obviously implausible, I can't say I mind them if there's only one or maybe two species of them.

309. Filordi. The Filordi (singular Filordus, and they're from the planet Filordis-this makes me laugh) are interesting-looking six-limbed quadrupeds. Their ears are used to shield their eyes from rain. Filordi apparently don't like their homeworld, and are prone to overusing resources; they're bad at long-term planning.

A single Filordus is apparently born from the corpse of its parent a week after death, and this is the only way they reproduce. There are so many things wrong with this (scientifically speaking) that I'm not even sure where to start, but the main issue is that there's no way that their population can ever increase, and indeed, it should be decreasing due to unsuitable conditions for reproduction (say, a predator consuming too much of the corpse, the corpse being burned, exploded, thrown into hard vacuum, etc.) rapidly enough that the species should cease to exist before very long at all.

Rating: 3/5. If one just fixed it so that there was an actual explanation for the reproductive oddity that made sense, they might do better; as it is, the concept is interesting even if it's totally messed up. (Maybe if they died to reproduce? That would make at least a little sense.)

310. Filvians. The Filvians of Filve (heh) are rather cattle-like in terms of facial structure and body build, but aren't obligate quadrupeds (and are rather more powerfully built in front), have three-fingered hands, camel humps which allow them to survive for thirty days without food or water, and... gee whiz, they're like someone visited an open buffet of ungulate-inspired animal features, aren't they?

Rating: 3/5, partly because I got to use a fun metaphor.

-Signing off.

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