Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kamen Rider OOO: Trying to Be Anime

And there's nothing wrong with that. (Note that the series I'm talking about is actually over; I'm really just mentioning it because I found this video the other day while looking up the rather awesome music associated with the series.)

(WARNING: The audio on the video is very loud. I keep my speakers turned to almost the lowest setting, and it's still more than loud enough to make out all the Engrish.)

Granted, Japan still hasn't quite got the hang of CG. I've seen very few Japanese series with better than marginal computer animation. You'd think, with their tech focus and their love of animation, that they'd be better at it, but I've seen non-professional computer animation that outclasses the majority of professional Japanese output in the area.

It's just as well-I'd rather see Japan's traditional animation...

-Signing off.

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