Monday, May 14, 2012

Actually, This Was A Well-Written Series

And then there was the time a bunch of sea ghosts healed a cyborg zombie whale.

Specifically, this is from the Brave Robots series Brave Police J-Decker, which, despite being a show where a 9-year-old leads a squad of giant robot police, is really well-written. (I mean, really. The early '90s don't really have a reputation for having quality robot anime, but this series is funny, intelligent, and serious all at once, and was technically written for kids. I wouldn't show it to anyone less than fifteen myself because of a few... odd incidents in it, but still, it's great. The finale particularly is pretty incredible.)

And then there are these sea ghost things.

Unlike the rest of the series, which has explanations for things, even if they don't make real world sense, the only explanation is that these are probably ghosts, and they, um, "live" underwater. And they come out of absolutely nowhere.

We know that they're "ghosts" because one of them might have been the deceased son of the (still living) researcher who made the cyborg zombie whale.

Yes, really.

-Signing off.

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