Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Robot Thinks We're Dumb

I was randomly surfing the Internet and discovered information about the manga/anime Bokurano the other day.

"Bokurano," which could also be parsed as "boku-ra no," means "ours." (More or less.) Its significance comes from the introductory songs for a number of lighthearted children's series which depict children controlling multiton engines of destruction, or as they are affectionately known, super robots-such songs describe the robot as "ours."

If you pay attention to the lyrics (even without the plethora of rather upset-looking children), it makes it clear that this isn't a lighthearted series; in fact, Bokurano was created by someone who is known for making depressing and horrific works (depressing and horrific works starring children, at that). I prefer the following translation to the one above, which is both indicative of the nature of the series and rather funny.

"It came from beyond the extreme reaches of our reality/It came to laugh at our naive existences."

It's talking about the robot the kids control, if rather figuratively and poetically.

And here, in case you're curious, is the Masaaki Endoh cover of the song, for a somewhat more energetic rendition. Masaaki Endoh doesn't do depressing even if the lyrics are crushing, though this is nothing like his usual style.

Although every time he says "uninstall" it sounds so much like "burning soul" (a phrase he uses a lot in his songs) that I do a little doubletake.

-Signing off.

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