Friday, May 18, 2012

Best Kinds of Consultants Ever

If I went back and edited posts, these would probably make it into my old "Quotable Transformers" post. Presenting Sixshot, best consultant ever.

(Seriously, that is how the Autobots do things. It's probably why the war is taking so long, since it means they rarely ever harm the Decepticons.)

Cyclonus is not nearly as awesome a consultant.

For those who are wondering, these clips are from the RTM 1/Omni Productions dub of the Japanese Transformers cartoons, which are often affectionately known as the "crackhead" dubs.

As noted on the Transformers Wiki (on the aforelinked page): "Characters seem unable to show even the most basic emotion convincingly."

It actually really, really reminds me of Space Thunder Kids (which I sadly don't have a category for). I swear they've got some of the same voice actors in there.

-Signing off.

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