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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#85)

841. Pau'ans. The Pau'ans are the tall, pale, line-faced guys who appear in a few scenes of Revenge of the Sith. They're part of a society on their homeworld of Utapau which they make up less than thirty percent of the population of, and tend to take administrative and governmental positions despite that, possibly because they live considerably longer than their fellow natives of Utapau (their own lifespan is seven hundred years, although I can't find clear reference to the lifespan of their fellows). Supposedly, they're closely related to this other species, but considering that the other guys are short snout-faced guys with eyes that are almost on stalks, that seems rather unlikely.

Anyway, despite being big, gaunt, and rather intimidating rulers of a planet whose population lives in giant sinkholes, apparently they treat their fellows kindly and are generally fairly friendly and benevolent.

Rating: 3/5 for bucking stereotypes of tall, gaunt, creepy guys who live in holes in the ground.

842. Pelgrin. The Pelgrin were an extinct race (they existed about two million years before the movie era) of some sort who were supposedly primitive, but still could easily replicate advanced technology. Or something.

Specifically, they created a device called the Oracle at Pelgrin. This device could apparently tell the future somehow (it would relay this knowledge in visions somehow or another, apparently mostly to Force-sensitive people) and did so periodically over a history of about 25,000 years. The earliest known instance, by the way, resulted in a war between the Jedi and another order of Force-sensitive types. Then, some guy called Palpatine arranged for it to be destroyed because he was worried it would warn the Jedi of his plans.

Probably for the best.

Rating: 2/5. Eh, I can't hate it too much, for some reason.

843. Peripleen. The sole known instance of a Peripleen in fiction was an inmate at a prison who had been there for at least one hundred and fifty years, and did not in fact remember what he was in for. He refused an offer to break him out because he had fun in prison life, presumably because he was large, relatively intimidating, and most assumed him to be deaf, which let him listen in on people.

He also answered to "Smootie."

Rating: 3/5, just on the weight of that character, who is... kind of awesome, from the sounds of things.

844. Peroenians. The Peroenians have long been known as explorers. When they learned that a rival species had discovered a star system (some thousands of years before the movie era), they started harassing settlers there. This led to a three-hundred-year-long war, which the Peroenians lost.

Then, in the movie era (thousands of years later, remember), apparently the whole thing happened again... in the same star system.

Rating: 1/5. It makes no sense. It really doesn't.

845. Phindians. The Phindians are, let's be honest, a bit ugly. Fortunately, it's the visually interesting sort of ugly.

Apparently, for a rather long period of time their planet, Phindar, was ruled by the criminal organization called the Syndicat. Their rule was largely enforced through regular mind wipes called "renewal." Sometimes, they would dump "renewed" Phindians on other planets and bet on how long they would survive. After Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi toppled the Syndicat, the Phindians outlawed renewal technology on their planet.

Good on ya, pals.

Apparently, offworlders found them annoying because they hesitated to risk their lives even for good causes and liked tall tales and exaggeration, avoiding the subject at hand, and babbling incessantly.

...I presume offworlders would find me rather annoying, too.

Anyway, they also had a custom of hugging three times when parting: Once in sorrow for parting, once in joy for continuing friendship, and once in hope of meeting again. That's kind of... sweet, actually.

Rating: 3/5.

846. Phlogs. Phlogs are among the fairly numerous giant inhabitants of Endor, although in this case they aren't natives of the planet (and there may have been no more than a handful of them, although it's unclear because hey, Ewoks cartoon). Instead, Phlogs are a common thug/slave race, and some were lost on Endor somehow, where the Ewoks had to be cautious of them. They're basically trollish people, and relatively normal specimens stand over sixty feet tall.

Despite this, once Han Solo punched one in the face.

Rating: 3/5, mainly because the thought of Han Solo punching a guy in the face when that guy's head is probably larger than Han Solo is a very amusing one.

847. Pho Ph'eahians. The Pho Ph'eahians have blue fur and four arms (which "had such obvious advantages as allowing them to arm-wrestle two opponents at once") and live on a world which is poorly lit or something and live on limited food supplies, causing them to be interested in increasing food production.

Rating: 3/5, because "had such obvious advantages as allowing them to arm-wrestle two opponents at once" is a hilarious phrase.

848. Phuii. The Fooey Phuii have a hilarious name. They also look somewhere between cool and amusing, with long skinny necks and beaks with toothy mouths. Sometimes they have tails.

Their homeworld is called Foo Phu.

Rating: 3/5, mostly based on their appearance.

849. Pineath. The Pineath apparently have feathers and believe in "eye for an eye" justice, with the exception that they usually demand two to three times the "price" out of outsiders than their own casualties.

Rating: 2/5. They sound like such nice guys.

850. Pinurquians. They have kind of apey faces and horns. Apparently there was a dead one somewhere that somehow turned into a zombie sort of thing. Or something.

Rating: 2/5, because it's an interesting, kind of Kirby-esque sort of look.

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