Monday, May 20, 2013

POWER RANGERS COWBOY FORCE (is a thing that does not exist)

I've got a question:

Why does China get an apparently official completely original Super Sentai series, while those of us in the American market have a hackjob pseudo-dub?

Not that I don't appreciate Power Rangers in general, of course (although I've come over time to really think that Saban isn't the right company to make it, if only because they treat their employees like trash, and also because everything they've done since they've gotten it back has been... lackluster), but something original to the English-speaking world would be neat.

Of course, it would probably end up being about cowboys or an Abraham Lincoln robot or something silly like that... (The Chinese sentai series is apparently based on Journey to the West.)

Wait, no, those would be awesome. I want to see those. Both of those.

-Signing off.

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