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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#86)

851. Pitons. Pitons? Really? You named some aliens after rock-climbing tools?

Ahem. The Pitons apparently are cave-living people with nearly white eyes and translucent skin who must wear "eye shields" when on other planets. Might want to wear some extra sunblock, too.

They also often have no hair, supposedly because they live underground.

...Living underground makes your hair fall out?

I don't think it works that way.

Rating: 1/5.

852. Pitrillistians. Pitrillistians are seven feet tall, have long "horns" that hang down to their waists, and have left hands that are insect pinchers and right hands that are human-like. Their language is made up of buzzing created using their insect wings.

They were created for the "Design an Alien" contest, which explains a lot.

Rating: 3/5. While the pincher hand/"normal" hand dichotomy is silly (though not necessarily impossible), I like the design and I love that someone used the detail of a wing language. You don't see enough of that.

853. Pliith. Pliith are plant people. They have eyes that can emote and turn purple when angry, but their most notable and amusing trait is that they apparently live in flower pots and rely on others to move them around. (They do have some degree of movement beyond emoting, and can talk, but they aren't strong enough to move themselves.)

Rating: 3/5. If there was a Jedi member of the species, I'd feel obligated to bump them up a point.

854. Ploven. The Ploven are aquatic sapients called "little finbacks" by Imperial personnel. They were subjugated and ordered to make contributions to Imperial war efforts, and when they didn't meet their quota, the Star Destroyer Forger boiled their oceans, killing over two hundred thousand of them with the resulting clouds of steam.

...Wait, they're aquatic, but they got killed when the oceans boiled because the steam hit them? What?

They probably aren't extinct despite this loss, because two hundred thousand deaths is chump change in the grand scheme of things when your civilization has millions of inhabited planets.

Rating: 2/5, for a combination of inconsistency and amusing me just a little bit.

855. Poldts. Poldts look like battle droids, because they're based on concept art for the Neimoidians from which the battle droids were derived.

Rating: 2/5. I've said it before and I'll probably say it again-fictional universes which have lots of people work on them are weird places, you guys.

856. Polosich. Apparently, the Polosich have "velvety" yellow skin, which is a... interesting combination.

The known member of the species was a snobby traveller, snobby to the point where he questioned the idea of letting people on board a luxury line just because these people did in fact have tickets.

Uh, dude, that's how business works: Somebody offers a service, and somebody else buys it. And if the seller interferes with the buyer actually getting anything, that's generally how a scam works.

Rating: 1/5.

857. Polydroxol. ...A (fake) chemical name?

It's oddly appropriate in this case, because Polydroxol apparently resemble large sapient globs of mercury, and can take numerous shapes and heal nigh-instantaneously from most wounds. They only die when they run out of made up chemicals called "electroglobins" that make up their circulatory system, which take them time to replenish.

In other words, as long as they still have blood, they're alive.

Rating: 3/5. Some neat ideas in there with all the nonsense words.

858. Porporites. A (fake) mineral name?

Not appropriate at all in this case, as apparently Porporites were fast-breeding cetaceans who, nearly five thousand years before the movie era, somehow became universally addicted to the spice (drug) ryll, and then they declared war on the Old Republic or something. A combined force of war droids and the Jedi Order apparently couldn't stop them (goodness gracious), and so Gank mercenaries were hired to fight them.

Then the Ganks killed all of them and decided to pick a fight with the Old Republic.

Rating: 2/5. ...I was never under the impression from other sources that the Ganks were nearly that awesome.

859. Poss'Nomin. There are, as there have been in the past, two radically different pictures of this species that seem mutually incompatible. Hilariously, they are described as "easily recognized" by their three eyes and shovel-shaped jaws.

...Yeah, technically both pictures have both those things.

Apparently, they love exploring.

Rating: 2/5 for the amusement value of comparing their pictures.

860. Povanarians. Povanarians apparently resemble frogs, and some served on a New Republic fleet at some point.

Rating: 2/5, because as sparse as that is you can't go wrong with frogs that can pilot spaceships.

-Signing off.

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