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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#80)

(MODERATELY IMPORTANT NOTICE: I'm in the process of moving at the moment, and there's a good chance things will be picking up over the next couple of days. This is already part of why my updating has been a little... lazy lately. As such, this week's posting schedule may have issues.

Also, holy cheese as of this post I've done brief profiles on eight hundred alien species.)

791. O'reenians. O'reenians are near-humans who are explicitly a human offshoot, which sorta does and sorta doesn't answer some questions about humans and human-like beings in the Star Wars galaxy. They live in the Unknown Regions, which makes them neighbors of the Chiss, and like the Chiss have their own sovereign space nation. They apparently opportunistically attempted to expand their influence and steal technology to improve their lot during the Yuuzhan Vong crisis because everybody else was distracted.

Apparently, their technology had fallen well behind the rest of the galaxy, and they have a regimented society where social class is determined by military service.

Their skin is orange and their eyes are supposedly black, which... actually makes them sound like inverted Chiss.

Rating: 2/5. Get out of here, you Chiss wannabes.

792. Oasis mothers. Oasis mothers are sapient predatory plants native to the deserts of a world called Endregaad. That is an awesome description and an amazing name for a planet.

Oasis mothers are huge amoral trees (also an awesome description) that create oasis children, which are mobile and hunt down prey for the mothers (which telepathically control them), and which seemingly serve no other purpose in life. They drag what they catch back to the pools around the mothers, which suck the blood and other fluids out with their roots and then turn the rest into mulch.

And if that's not disturbing enough for you, apparently at night the oasis mothers can travel short distances.

Rating: 5/5. Telepathic amoral night-walking vampiric predatory trees. Frikking metal.

793. Oblee. Oblee were three-armed, four-eyed guys. Apparently, their sets of eyes could come in different colors. Four-eyed plus three-armed is even sillier than four-armed plus four-eyed.

Anyways, apparently the Oblee went extinct from playing with a Sith artifact called the Darkstaff, which unfortunately is prone to both causing extinction events and inflicting time travel on Star Wars stories, and their ghosts wander the galaxy feeding on life forces of sapient beings and possessing them.

Whether this is somehow connected to the Oblee "[spreading] their DNA throughout the galaxy" and a lone Oblee somehow being born (thus meaning they're not quite extinct) is both unknown and a disturbing (albeit hilarious) thought.

Rating: 3/5. I'm not really quite sure what I think of them, so I'll go for a score down the middle.

794. Ocsinin. The Ocsinin are apparently known as skilled explorers, and their close neighbors, the Corporate Sector Authority (the biggest corporate interest in the galaxy, tasked by the Old Republic with developing an uninhabited region constituting about ten thousand planets) values the information they possess.

They're described as near-humans (sigh) who are distinguished by being "too slender" to be human and having black, pupil-less eyes and translucent skin and complexions.

The picture of one on the page is decidedly not too slender to be human; she's just about exactly the right amount of slender, actually, if you know what I'm saying.

Rating: 2/5, for not being completely terrible.

795. Odenji. The Odenji are natives of the same planet as the Issori, who are horrible evil practitioners of eugenics and also rather ugly. The Odenji look interesting... and basically all we know about them has been covered by what I just said.

Rating: 2/5, because my interest has been piqued. How has Odenji society been shaped by them living on the same planet as that bunch of jerks? Sadly, we don't know.

796. Offen. They apparently were new to space travel during the New Republic (post movie) era, and probably weren't really encouraged to familiarize themselves with it more because their queen died in a starship accident.

I'm sure she lived a full life; she was six thousand years old.

And... that's all we know.

Rating: 2/5. Piqued interest once more.

797. Ogemites. Ogemites are near-humans (...) who have feather hair and are supposedly known as traders. They also apparently have comic book anatomy. And comic book clothing.

Rating: 1/5. Fail.

798. Ogres. Ogres are merely one of many, many largish sapient species that live on Endor. That planet forest moon, man, that forest moon. The one known individual stole various glowing things because he was afraid of the dark; eventually he got coated in glowing stuff, and was thus fine.

Incidentally, his name was Gantu, which immediately made me think of the Lilo & Stitch character.

Rating: 2/5, partly for positive associations. Loved that movie.

799. Okfili. The Okfili are apparently very religious, and an important artifact of theirs was stolen by pirates. Oddly enough, this makes me think of an episode of the Star Trek cartoon.

Unfortunately, that's all that's in the article, though there may be more information on them somewhere.

Rating: 2/5. Associations.

800. Oku. The Oku are primitive white-furred sapients native to a planet called Tokmia. A mining corporation temporarily set up operations on Tokmia, and its employees would carelessly give the Oku handouts. When they left, a cargo cult naturally appeared, and they arranged sacred fires in the shape of landing light patterns and told prophecies of the eventual return of the ships.

Rating: 3/5. Hey, realism.

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