Friday, February 1, 2013

Java: Bad At Chess

So I was playing Java applet chess, specifically a variant called "Dead Square Chess," wherein pieces explode and destroy squares they're sitting on and nearby pieces when they do so.

Turns out that the simple chess AI that operates the variant... is COMPLETELY TERRIBLE at the game.

Also, it's possible to checkmate with a pair of bishops while the bishops are under attack and aren't defending each other. (Trust me, this is a pretty big deal in chess. And yes, that's a checkmate.)

If you're wondering just how bad a player the computer is: Despite the rules making pawns proportionately the most powerful pieces (since you can just throw them heedlessly at the opponent because of their numbers), the computer repeatedly used stronger pieces with better moves to try to stop my pawns from advancing.

I'm a nerd.

-Signing off.

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