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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#81)

(Obviously, my updating inconsistency has lasted longer than a week. Give me a break, I updated five days a week for years with hardly a blip, and my new residence still doesn't have an internet connection or even, really, a great computer to work from.)

801. Old Ones. The Old Ones are... well, were... the original inhabitants of the Kathol Sector, which I've mentioned a plethora of times as the center of Star Wars Lovecraft references.

Sadly, that's all we know beyond the concept that Abeloth, an eldritch abomination from stories I can't bring myself to read, might possibly maybe have been one of them once.

Rating: 2/5, mainly because I love the meta concept of "Old Ones" that Lovecraft used, even if he called basically everything that at one point or another.

802. Omwati. The Omwati are noted as being particularly adept at learning and becoming good at science-y things. Unfortunately for them, their homeworld was, oddly enough, poorly developed technologically, and the Old Republic lost contact with them at some point, leaving them without a connection to the galaxy at large. Then Moff Tarkin (as played by Peter Cushing) showed up, saw they would make great scientists, and slaughtered and kidnapped a bunch of them to indoctrinate into weapons scientists. Supposedly, at least one such scientist is where a very large amount of the advanced weapons used by the Empire would come from, although continuity's gotten fuzzy in this regard since the prequels came out.

Omwati are blue and have feathers for hair, but otherwise mostly look human. And usually rather pretty.

Rating: 3/5. Eh, not much to see here, but nothing really bad, either.

803. Ongree. Ongree have hilarious-looking upside-down heads. They look like clumsy, awkward aliens, but are purported, at least, to be extremely agile. At least one was a Jedi during the Clone Wars.

Rating: 3/5. Put a lightsaber in the hands of a silly-looking alien, and you have an idea that I can get behind.

804. Oni. Apparently, Oni (which, for reference, is the name of a kind of legendary Japanese ogre/demon/giant/troll thing) are known for being militant, and Oni women, at least, also have organs that allow them to store and discharge electrical jolts.

Avoid making obvious joke.

Avoid making obvious joke.

Avoid making obvious joke.

Rating: 2/5. I'm sure that's a turn-on for somebody. ...AAARRGGG.

805. Oodocs. Oodocs are apparently large, spiky, burly, and dumb. Stereotyping!

Also, Han Solo called one an "it" in his internal narration, meaning either they're genderless or Han Solo couldn't tell guydocs from girldocs.

Rating: 1/5. Tired stereotyped alien type is tired.

806. Oolids. The Oolids had a senator at some point (SURPRISE) and also are native to the planet Oolidi, which is a name that makes me smile for some reason.

Rating: 2/5. Eh, I like the planet name. Nothing else to go on, though.

807. Ootoolans. The Ootoolans had a "purist" rebellion at some point, wherein their Revolutionary Purist Council murdered their traditional monarchy other than a single surviving member who escaped and then were hunting that last survivor. The whole thing sounds pretty disturbing, especially since that surviving princess (who is young and adorable in the story) coldly orders somebody's murder at some point.

I say all this without mentioning that they're fish people of some sort.

Rating: 4/5. I like their design quite a lot, and the rather odd storyline involving them is such a humanocentric thing that it's amusing.

808. Opquis. During the Caamas document crisis, they were against the Bothans and sent six ships to the Bothawui blockade.

Rating: 1/5. There's not much to say here that I haven't said numerous times already.

809. Orfites. Orfites are rather ugly, and apparently female Orfites can only be told apart by their thick eyebrows or something. Unless you're an Orfite, who tell each other apart by pheromones. Apparently, their advanced senses of smell meant that they used special masks to take in smells for... some reason or other. These masks would be adapted by other species to take in intoxicating fumes without bothering others. They apparently also need power harnesses (i.e. some form of man alien strength amplifiers) to visit worlds that we humans would consider to be of normal gravity.

Rating: 3/5. It reminds me a bit of those aliens who use cake flavoring as a narcotic.

810. Orgons. Orgons are plant/animal hybrids that look like nothing so much as tentacle clams.

Say it with me now: Tentacle clams. Tentacle. Clams.

They trap prey with their tentacle( clam)s and emit an irritating goo for no clear reason. There apparently is/was a corporation that wanted to capture some for study, but with little success; presumably this was partly because they didn't entirely realize that tentacle clams might be sapient creatures that would know how to avoid traps.

Rating: 4/5. Tentacle clams. There's just something rather beautiful about that phrase.

-Signing off.

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