Friday, February 15, 2013


Sorry I haven't been on here the past three days. This is the first time I've had an Internet connection since Tuesday, and Tuesday was a busy day.

So I don't have much.

But I was packing things today, and I saw something that reminded me of the old Dark Forces computer game. (Remember when people still used that phrase?)

And it compelled me to do a search on YouTube.

Sadly, the above video (which I have not listened to, so I can't say if it has game audio or, more likely, some guy who swears a lot-oops, yeah, should have mentioned that first) was the best match on YouTube for my search, "punching probe droid dark forces."

See, punching probe droids was something you probably weren't supposed to do in that game. But you could.

And it was awesome, because they were flung twenty or thirty feet away much as happened to most enemies you punched (seriously, Kyle Katarn is mad strong-have I mentioned he punched out a stegosaur-sized dragon/lizard?), usually straight up because they float high in the air and the only way to punch them is to get underneath them and look up, and then they only very slowly travel back down. And you can punch them again.*

And it's hilarious.

Wish I still had a computer that could play that game.

*You wouldn't be dying because of being shot by probe droids because you'd be cheating with the invulnerable shield. Well, I would. It's less unfair than it sounds, because guys with axes and slightly long drops still kill you.

-Signing off.

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