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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#79)

781. Norak Tull. Norak Tull are sapient insectoids. If my recollection of reading the books involved serve (the entry is basically empty), they're quite large and rumored to be telepathic, though there's little evidence they actually are. One was a commodore in the New Republic's fleet during the Yevethan Purge, and he was a relatively interesting character if for no other reason than because despite his appearance, the narration treated him absolutely no differently than any other character. (Once again, if I recall correctly.)

Rating: 3/5, at least if my memory is correct.

782. Nord. They apparently are "dwarf-like" and live in a harsh environment, to which they are adapted. No, really?

Rating: 1/5. Considering all the short guys that already exist in the Star Wars galaxy, I see no reason for one with no distinguishing features.

783. Nosaurians. These bipedal reptiles have several completely silly features, among them the ability to sense when their sun is setting based on their own biorhythms, which drives them to "sing it down" in a loud, braying fashion, and the fact that their biorhythms don't match most worlds leads to them making noise at random and sometimes unfortunate times. They also apparently have the ability to generate light with the insides of their mouths brightly enough to light a room or blind someone (!).

They distrust offworlders because Corellian traders inadvertently wrecked their economy. Then, they chose the wrong side in the Clone Wars, were made an example of by the Empire, and then were afflicted with a plague by the Yuuzhan Vong. That's like a triple threat of cruddy stuff happening to them right there.

Rating: 4/5, mostly for the amusement value of their weird traits.

784. Nothoiins. The Nothoiins have gold-colored skin that apparently flakes a lot, and are known for having "innate" piloting ability. ...Wait, what?

Are they genetically modified or what?

Anyway, they have a subspecies, "Cogennan" Nothoiins, who have even more pronounced innate piloting abilities.

...Yeah, whatever.

Rating: 3/5 for the probably unintentional implication that they're genetically modified or something.

785. Nuffins. Nuffins are rather cartoonily harmless-looking aliens who are known for being gentle, friendly, and clean (heh). One was kept as a slave by someone who was none of those things to lull people into a false sense of security over communications.

Rating: 2/5. Not really anything noteworthy.

786. Nuiwit. The Nuiwit are the second of two species that may be known as Altorians. (The first are the Avogwi.) The Avogwi traditionally preyed upon the Nuiwit (the Avogwi are basically birds of prey while the Nuiwit are essentially gecko-like lizards) and saw the Nuiwit as weak because they're herbivorous.

When offworlders showed up, the Nuiwit established trade while the Avogwi ignored the outsiders as weaklings, leading the Nuiwit to have an economic and population boom that would lead the Avogwi to forcibly withdraw to isolated areas, despite the fact that the Nuiwit never practice violence on them, being pacifists.

As I previously noted when talking about the Avogwi ages ago, I find this amusing.

Rating: 4/5. The Nuiwit are somewhat interesting for a number of reasons, not least because they're pacifistic gecko people.

787. Nuknog. Nuknogs are ugly and bad at long-term planning. They also have a stupid if amusing name. When an offworld mining corporation showed up, they sold their planet in exchange for being allowed to work in the mines for food.


Eventually, they were freed from effective slavery by the Jedi, and then became an impoverished world dependent on Old Republic aid. Eventually, interest in aid dried up and they pretty much had nothing, making the Nuknogs poor, angry, and resentful of the galaxy at large.

Rating: 3/5. Poor ugly guys.

788. Nulls. Nulls are near-humans who may actually be humans, but it's unclear. So I can't really say there's any interest there.

Rating: 1/5.

789. Nyemarians. They... may also actually be humans.

Rating: 1/5. Darn you.

790. Nyriaanans. More near-humans? These at least are supposed to have adaptations to low-light conditions or something. Blah blah peaceful blah blah distrustful of outsiders blah blah boring.

Rating: 1/5. On the other hand, the largest "plant" life on their planet is apparently some kind of fungus tree. Awesome.

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