Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#48)

(Note: The entry for "Iskalonian" has been excluded because it's a society native to a planet, which I've talked about on numerous previous occasions.)

471. Iotrans. Iotrans are a bunch of militaristic guys; at least half of their population tends to be in their military at any given time. While many supported the Galactic Empire because of its military might, others preferred the Republic, as it was proven to be stable over long periods of time.

Rating: 3/5. Can I mention how happy I am that the militaristic guys aren't being portrayed as idiots because they're militaristic?

472. Ipharian-Da'Lor. Ipharian-Da'Lor have a name that's super annoying to type, mainly because it's too long. They have snake-tail-below-the-waist type bodies, and retractable spikes at the ends of their tails. Supposedly, it's also customary for them to cover their faces.

Rating: 4/5, though this may be because it's been too long since there was last an interesting physiognomy on an alien here.

473. Iphigini. The Iphigini tried to help mediate between the Diamala and the Issori (the Diamala have been mentioned as part of the extremely important in terms of how often it gets mentioned Caamas document crisis, and the Issori get mentioned later in this very article), but didn't do so well at it.

Apparently, they have "craggy" faces and "melodious" voices, and some may wear their lip-beards braided.

Rating: 3/5, even as a fairly minimal thing. Connections, people-it's good to make them in your fictional universe.

474. Iridonians. The Iridonians are known as crazies who might attack anybody once their warrior groove comes on. We don't know what they look like because of their big helmets. They may or may not be related to the Zabraks, who live on Iridonia. Also, in their primary appearance, they got their name misspelled.

Rating: 2/5, only because it's hypothetically possible that this means that the Zabraks, who are known as "pacifistic" in the present, were once crazy berserkers (because the appearance of the Iridonian in question was thousands of years before the movies).

475. Irrukiine. Irrukiine appear to be huge wolfman-ish four-armed savages, and apparently they were corrupted by Sith magics into crazies who would attack nearly anything in sight and devour them.

Rock on.

Rating: 3/5. Sometimes you just need some oddball killer natives corrupted by ancient evil.

476. Ishi Tib. Ishi Tib are amphibious guys whose hat is being obsessive-compulsive accountants and organizers. They are also known for tearing people limb from limb with tooth and nail.

They also look rather interesting.

Rating: 4/5. I like traits that most people would find contradictory being mushed together.

477. Ishori. Ishori have "horn-tipped fists." This sounds pretty cool. They apparently have a tendency to get agitated when trying to debate and being unable to think rationally about things. This caused them to get a little crazy during the Caamas document crisis.

Rating: 3/5. A little generous, perhaps.

478. Iskalloni. Apparently, the Iskalloni built prostheses and cybernetic limbs and stuff and created lots of nasty byproducts... somehow, and so they kidnapped and enslaved lots of people, especially humans (for no apparent particular reasons), to do their dirty work for them.

Rating: 1/5. They don't even have a sensical reason for any of that.

479. Issori. Apparently, the Issori have a complicated system of determining how to breed based on socioeconomic factors, and anyone who is conceived who doesn't meet certain standards gets treated as an animal and killed.

Rating: 2/5. Interesting concept. Also horrible.

480. Isticians. Isticians were mutated by radiation bombardment of their homeworld, Istic II, and so varied a lot in size and color relative to most species. The Empire declared them nonsapient so that they could be hunted as animals. There's no information on what happened to them.

Rating: 1/5. Sad, and also a poor grasp of biology.

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