Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#46)

451. Hummingbirds. ...Seriously? Sapient hummingbirds?

And the description doesn't indicate anything about them as being not, well, just hummingbirds? (Other than possibly the fact that one was apparently a podracer...)


Rating: 2/5. It's incredibly lazy (they didn't even come up with an actual name? Come on!), although I've got to give them credit for picking hummingbirds, which are at least a bit unusual.

452. Huraloks. Huraloks are apparently a race of huge jerks who are known for being pirates. They're long-lived (~300 year range), and apparently they're so nasty that they won't come together to mate until their species is in danger of extinction.


Rating: 2/5. I don't like races who are nasty for the sake of being nasty, but that detail on their reproductive habits pushes it so over the top that I can't help but admire the gumption of whatever goofball came up with it.

453. Hutlarians. Apparently, their homeworld is harsh, and they have a reputation for toughness and are often seen as professional soldiers.

Rating: 2/5. Really pretty generic; they get a point for having a name that amuses me. They're from Hutlar. Ha ha. Speaking of which, "hut" means that the next entry must be the...

454. Hutts. I've often decried the planet of hats characterization of entire Star Wars species in this series. I'm not going to do it here, however, even though the Hutts are one of the greatest examples of "well, they're all crimebosses because the first one we saw was" thinking.

Why am I forgiving it? Because it's been justified in a way that makes some sense. The Hutts survived the death of their home system's sun, which they had worshipped as a god. Having done so, they came to the conclusion that they were now the gods. It's not that the Hutts are all crime bosses, it's that the Hutts don't view the laws and morality of others as applying to them. They also once ruled an empire, which only adds to the logic involved.

Also, did you know that the Hutts are 1) highly resistant to blaster fire and most other forms of assault (the exception seems to be being garroted by a big chain, though there are claims that Jabba got overexcited and had a heart attack... right...), 2) exceedingly difficult to poison, 3) they can reach a thousand years in age, and 4) are hermaphrodites?

Well, they are.

Rating: 4/5. Hutts help make great stories.

455. Hyallp. They're... apparently arthropods/insectoids. One was an assassin.

Rating: 2/5, purely for the interesting name.

456. Hysalrians. Hysalrians are apparently natives of Dagobah (what, again?), and appear to be rather large beings with four arms and four eyes as well as snake-bodied below the waist.

In a serious continuity-snarly bit, one canonically trained Yoda in the ways of the Force on Dagobah hundreds of years ago, but Yoda also canonically never visited Dagobah until he got old. Argh.

Rating: 4/5. I get a headache trying to figure out what's going on with their status, but they're cool-looking enough for me to approve.

457. Icarii. The Icarii were "near-humans" who the Empire decided to exterminate, apparently because they were darned tough (the only thing guaranteed to kill one was cutting its brain in half). This spawned an expression that one had to kill an Icarii seven times.

Rating: 2/5. Eh, I don't know. There's things to like and to dislike here.

458. Ice demons. At least one ice demon lived on Endor, where it was killed by the Ewok shaman Logray by magically melting ice onto it; said ice refroze because the ice demon was cold, and it killed him. Yes, killed.

Logray's hardcore, you see.

Rating: 2/5. Ice demon got owned.

459. Iceheads. More Ewoks cartoon-related species. Get outta here, ya bums.

Rating: 1/5. They're too dorky-looking for my tastes.

460. Ierians. "Near humans from Ieria."

Rating: 1/5. Not caring from this blog.

-Signing off.

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