Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kamen Rider Shiny Bling Mask

So recent Kamen Rider series have been pretty... inventive when it comes to their designs, with a guy whose power is to have the powers of other Kamen Riders, a guy that's actually two guys more or less split down the middle (...kinda), a guy who has varying modes based on combining three parts in different ways, and a guy who's wearing astronaut-based armor, has devices that let him put tools on his arms and legs, and who is assisted by robots that transform into food. This is not a bad thing.

Then comes the new upcoming Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider... Wizard. Who is presumably a wizard.

What's most notable about this is that, with a rather simplified design compared to his immediate predecessors, he manages to be just a bit goofier anyway. Why?

Well, he wears a ring that looks like his mask...

...and he also has a belt buckle (which you can't properly see in the screenshot, but you can kind of make out the edge of the pattern there) with a hand shape on it.

And for some reason I have an easier time buying all the silly toyetic stuff.

-Signing off.

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