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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #27

261. Elders. The Elders of Naboo made the suspiciously Buddhism-inspired statues that were in the swamps in Episode I. They drove the Gungans under the sea about 7,000 years ago, and then were driven offworld by the Gungans about 5,000 years ago.

Incidentally, this means the Naboo are fairly recent settlers, and probably also means that the Gungans learned to like being underwater better.

Rating: 2/5. Pretty minor and incidental, but they add a bit to the universe. Not much, though-where did they go?

262. Elom. The Elom of Elom are subterranean mole people, and hecka ugly. This caused the Elomin, who inhabit the same world, to freak out when they met them as a result of a mining accident. However, the Elomin would eventually decide they liked them after all, since the Elom were quite helpful to them when the Empire invaded.


Less pleasantly, the Elom are naive and have an unfortunate tendency to get duped into criminal undertakings.

Rating: 3/5. It's simple overall, but they work.

263. Elomin. The Elomin (yes, it's the same Elomin) may be related to the Zabrak, i.e. the species that Darth Maul is from. They weren't very nice to the Elom, presenting them to outsiders as animals and using them as slaves. The Empire wanted the lommite (seriously) on the planet, and decided to just take it; as noted above, the Elom helped them not all get enslaved by the Empire. After the Empire, the two societies started getting along a lot better and started integration.

Rating: 2/5. It's inevitable that the jerks get rated lower, but at least they cleaned up their act.

264. Em'liy. I'm having a lot of trouble not reading that as "Em'ily." Which is annoying.

Anyway, they're scaly-ish noseless human-like beings, who supposedly average a bit bigger than the human average, and after they had a bad time with the Empire, they became nomadic everywhere they live, both on and off their homeworld. Presumably, their breaking had to do with them having been proud warriors.

Rating: 3/5. Partly, I like the concept: They're Proud Warrior Race Guys, but they're in a really hard spot, and so they aren't quite so proud anymore. This appeals to me for some reason, perhaps only because the Proud Warrior Race Guy usually refuses to change and just dies en masse instead when the conqueror comes, or holds out forever. This feels more real.

265. Ementes. The Emente have six eyes and eat only fruit. They apparently have trouble with this, because members of other species can be jerks and put things other than fruit in their food, so they tend to frequent restaurants where they can see into the kitchens.

Rating: 3/5. They haven't got much, but what they do have is interesting. Of course, they also sound like the worst customers in the world...

266. Emmerians. Emmerians are described as a stout race from Emmer who evolved from humans.

Rating: 2/5. I gave them a little extra because there aren't any stupid details like "evolving in thousands of years" and it's unambiguous-they are "humans," more or less, not the nebulous "humanoid" or the not much less so "near-humans." That's the only reason I didn't give them a flat 1/5.

267. Energy vampires. The page picture is a hot purple-skinned chick (albeit in a very cartoony style). The best part, however, is that their description is very similar to the Transformers energy vampires from G1. This is incredibly funny.

Rating: 3/5 for the laughs. However, they make less sense in Star Wars than they did as giant robot vampires.

268. Ensos. The Ensos are near-humans who are at home in extremely cold environments. Thus, on planets like Tatooine, they wear extreme protective gear (the hilariously named coolth suits).

Guys, if you can't stand the desert heat, stay off of Tatooine.

Rating: 2/5, just for letting me type "coolth suits." It's also kind of funny that the article says they resemble humans, and then lists off a dozen features that humans know humans have and would assume of someone who "resembled" humans (such as-get ready for it-two sexes).

269. Entymals. Entymals are insectoids who possess great strength and piloting skills, and also have an ant-based hive society. (Strictly speaking, they're more of a strange-alienoid species with minor insect features, although I'll give them that they look very cool.) They can glide and also can walk on their hind legs or on all fours.

They also find the concept of romance to be peculiar and even repulsive, thanks to the fact that their males die shortly after mating.

Rating: 4/5. Good and solid society, a decent list of physical features and abilities, and they look cool. Just barely short of a 5.

270. Enu. They are the near-humans from Deylerax.

Rating: 1/5. The only cool thing is their planet's name. Otherwise... *yawn*

Although their planet was infested by stone mites, which look suspiciously like they belong in a video game...

-Signing off.

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