Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species #26

251. Ebruchi. The Ebruchi look like Cthulhu people. As I love me some Lovecraft references, this is a good starting point.

They also don't recognize speciesism and apparently, despite being essentially universally space pirates, happily will recruit members of any species and treat them as their own.

So they're also apparently space Vikings with elements of Native American culture.

Who are also Cthulhu people.

How can you not love this?

Rating: 5/5. Seriously.

252. Echani. The Echani are rather militaristic near-humans who almost universally are rather shapely women.

Rating: 3/5, because they're hot. If they hadn't been, it'd have been 1/5. Bias? What's that?

253. Eddelians. The singular of "Eddelians" is "Eddel." I find this amusing.

Former traders decimated by the Empire because they and the Empire apparently couldn't get along; despite slavery being illegal in the Empire, the surviving Eddelians became slaves.

They are known for having a quick wit.

Rating: 2/5. There's something interesting there, but it's kind of incomplete-feeling.

254. Ee. The Ee are eyeball-equipped earthworm things who are somehow still intelligent, apparently. And their name is pretty amusing.

Rating: 3/5. There's almost nothing to go on, but I still like them.

255. Eellayin. The Eellayin are very extinct, as they were apparently cavepeople on a planet that exploded a long time ago.

Rating: 2/5. While there's nothing to go on, they contribute to the backstory of another species who apparently believe that they're somehow connected to them. So they get an extra point.

256. Eglatt. The Eglatt can survive incredibly hot temperatures.

Well, it's something, I guess.

Rating: 2/5, because unlike some entries like this, this one means something, even if it's still not very specific.

257. Eickarie. While the Eickarie are described as reptilian, they could wear stormtrooper armor without difficulty. They are also associated with the Empire of the Hand, a group established by Grand Admiral Thrawn to essentially provide the Empire with a buffer against and a source of information on the area known as the Unknown Regions.

They also had an interesting political situation on their homeworld before they properly joined the Empire of the Hand, which funded a rebellion against an unpopular warlord.

Rating: 3/5. They sound very interesting.

258. Eirraucs. The Eirraucs are from Eirrauus, and they're interesting in appearance. They have six limbs (the middle pair function as both arms and legs, apparently) and are "peaceful omnivores" that eat grass, fruit, and carrion.

That's an interesting diet.

Anyway, they got taken over by the Empire and made into slaves.

Rating: 3/5. I like their name and appearance, and that disparate diet is kind of amusing.

259. Eklaad. The Eklaad are basically elephant/armadillo hybrids, which grants them great strength and durability and the ability to roll up into a ball for defensive purposes. They don't like fighting, but are powerful in combat when they don't have a choice.

They apparently were at one time in serious danger of dying out as a people due to the Empire taking over their planet.

Rating: 3/5. Y'know, I get that the Empire are villains, but there sure is an awful lot of that this go-round.

260. Elathan. All we really know about the Elathan is that first contact with them was supposedly initiated by the Jedi starship Chu'unthor, which at one time was the Jedi training academy.

Apparently, this first contact attracted a lot of media attention.

Rating: 1/5. Eh, who really cares? If you look at the link above to the Chu'unthor article, though, you would learn that while the Chu'unthor was rather flat and thus didn't mass as much, it was actually longer and wider than an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, a ship that was built centuries later.

Best school ever?

-Signing off.

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