Friday, January 13, 2012

Do These Remind You of Anything?

I was looking for images of a Digimon named Susanoomon because I was curious (back when I watched Digimon, the season Susanoomon was from aired in a weird time slot on a channel that rarely came in). And then I found an image (source) which reminded me of something I'd seen somewhere else.

I'm pretty sure that both these things were inspired by a common source, probably something like Gundam. (It's been around long enough...) It's fairly unlikely that the Transformers example (Primus the Transformer god/planet wielding a starship called the Ark as a cannon) was inspired by the other (Susanoomon the Digimon super fusion god wielding its ZERO-ARMS: Orochi as a cannon), but possible. (Both are loosely based visually on Brahma [specifically, drawing from those big rings behind him in the bas relief, adaptations of which show up a lot in anime] and Susanoomon's name comes from Susano-o.)

The fact that I reacted with this blog post just goes to show that I'm a huge nerd.

-Signing off.

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