Wednesday, January 18, 2012


(In case you haven't seen it elsewhere already today [I find this unlikely], did you know that the SOPA/PIPA legislation is bad? I've read that in Greek, "sopa" means "don't talk," and I'm not even going to print what "pipa" means in slang in Greek.

This blog couldn't exist if that legislation passed. It's not that big a deal for me on most levels, but this has always been a nice place to share random things I've found. Sharing random things you've found could be illegal under some of this legislation [depending on content]. Seriously.)

Funny, I thought I had posted this before.

The best parts are easily the sudden cutoff when he falls in the pit (and the lost life theme plays) and the part where he's invulnerable ("Now I'ma toucha you anda you die, 'cuz I'm INVEEENCIBLE!")

-Signing off.

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