Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Better Mousetrap

Recently, my dad has been crowing about a new mousetrap that he got, which apparently works much better than the old-fashioned kind. I didn't know much about it, but then I saw a new one sitting on the table. (Clearly, he was pleased enough to be a repeat customer.)

It wasn't this one, but it was pretty similar. (Dad's is more rectangular.)

(Picture obtained from Wikipedia, where it said that it was a public domain image. Feel free to steal. Not that I mind anybody taking any of the images I put up.) My immediate thought was that this kind of trap (a "mouth trap") is just one step away from being a mouser robot from TMNT.

That step, admittedly, would be a pretty big hurdle-legs are hard.

Still, it was a rather unsettling realization, even after reading that "mouth traps" don't actually have as much force as other traps.

-Signing off.

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