Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#72)

711. Moochers. Moochers are adorable "lizard" things. They have fur (hence the quotes) and are colonial, with highly intelligent queens that produce numerous less intelligent offspring.

Apparently, when they suffered a disease that drove them insane, they were largely exterminated to protect their neighbors, the Gados. Phooey.

Rating: 4/5. This is based almost entirely on the fact that they're cute, lovable quasi-lizards that live in colonies.

712. Moogans. Moogans are incredibly thin green guys with a fashion sense that seems to be largely inspired by ancient Egypt. They're apparently greedy, and do things in the name of greed, because they're greedy.

Rating: 1/5. Meh.

713. Moorin. They are "characterized" as "intelligent, but vicious." It's apparently believed that music makes them easier to deal with. One was a mercenary who worked for Jabba the Hutt.

Rating: 2/5, if only because they're intelligent and violent both.

714. Moorjhoni. The Moorjhoni are cat people. At least one had a beard.

Rating: 3/5, because they don't have a blatant cat alien name and because that's kind of a Qui-Gon Jinn beard that fella's got going on (heck, other than the ears poking out and the shaggier mustache, that's pretty much just a full Qui-Gon there).

715. Moralan. The Moralan were conquered by the Hutts. Then, they revolted against the Hutts. Then, the Hutts exterminated them.

So their entire history is defined by the fact that the Hutts were jerks to them.


Rating: 2/5. (Pity point rules apply.)

716. Morath. The Morath live near the Koornacht Cluster, a region of space that was briefly dominated by the brutal and xenophobic Yevethans. A pair of colonies they established inside the Cluster itself were exterminated by the Yevethans.

Rating: [EDIT: Whoops, left the rating out for ages! Good thing it's basically the same as the last one.] 2/5. (Pity point rules apply.)

717. Mordageen. Mordageen are kinda uglyish pink people. One was a crook who ratted out a crime lord, and was then broken out of prison by bounty hunters so said crime lord could take revenge.

Rating: 1/5. This is because the article is more about the single identified character who is a member of the species.

718. Morellians. The only difference between a Morellian and a human is lifespan-Morellians aren't apparently considered to be "in their prime" until they're over a hundred and don't age until they're even older. Despite this minimal difference, Wookieepedia insists on mentioning that they've got things such as two arms and five fingers per hand.

Rating: 1/5. Oh, yeah, and they can interbreed with humans, too. Move along, folks, nothing to see here...

719. Morganians. Morganians are slender humanoids (in the "mostly look like humans" sense) with white skin (whether "that sort of off-pink that we call white when we're talking about persons of European descent" or "actually the color white" is unclear), "elfin" ears, and are known for their beauty.

Rating: 3/5. Eh, well, the picture of one is kind of cute (in the "attractive" sense).

720. Morish. The Morish apparently are at least somewhat primitive, though their entry neglects to mention this idea. They're short, furry, and talk loudly, and tend to pretend not to speak Basic (English) when outsiders speak to them.

One used abandoned Imperial communications equipment to pretend to be clairvoyant, hence my inference that they're primitive.

Rating: 3/5, because I can't help but think of them as noisy Ewoks, and that amuses me.

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