Monday, December 3, 2012

Throw The S

For the past few days, the computer I usually blog with wasn't connecting to the Internet. This wasn't an incredibly big deal (it didn't interrupt my posting schedule, as my household has a couple of laptops that can be hooked up to our modem in impromptu fashion), but it made working on my relatively larger posts tricky, and I couldn't really do a lot of my regular browsing because I'm rather reliant on my massive bookmark collection (I go to way too many websites regularly to rely on my poor old brain to remember all of them, even if they're in browsing history, which they may not be), and my attempts to export them as I have in the past just weren't doing anything.

Today it started working again, and I pretty much was completely distracted by having access to my regular setup.

So today: A video of Superman throwing an excessively fake S-shield weapon at some guy!

(I have a general awareness that he has a name and stuff. I don't really care.)

-Signing off.

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