Thursday, December 20, 2012

Game Reviews: Demon Shift

Demon Shift is a simple platformer with gameplay somewhat similar to Eversion.

In other words, you're a little dies-to-a-single-hit guy, and there are situations in which you can change your environment in fairly predictable ways.

I describe Eversion as hard, and that's certainly true; however, Demon Shift is harder. Why?

You can't kill enemies in this game, although you can wall jump, and that's helpful.

It's also possible to cheat in Eversion, and I kind of did in order to finish the game myself-here, of course, that's not possible.

Anyway, the "certain circumstances" in which you change from one world to another are simpler here-you just hit the space bar at any time in any place, and about a second later, the switch will be made. The problem with this should be obvious once I explain that you sometimes need to shift in mid-air, and that there are some obstacles that can only be avoided by shifting them away. There are only two "worlds" to shift between here, simplifying things, however.

There are plenty of things that don't change between worlds, and others that change reliably. This leaves the game simple.

It's still painfully hard, though, and you'll be seeing your character explode in a burst of guts, bones, and a severed head rather often.

The one notable thing beyond its remarkably Eversion-like gameplay is that its art style is quite nice. I quite like it, really-it makes me think of a less pixellated Demon's Crest. And see those eyes in the demon world? They're animated, and follow your character and blink. It's pretty neat.

In short: If you like difficult platformers where you can't hurt guys, try this out. If not, consider looking at the art before ragequitting.

-Signing off.

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