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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#74)

(This list omits the article "mutant" because mutants aren't a single species. You Wookieepedia guys ought to refine your lists a bit. It also excludes "Murakami orchid" because of a bit of ambiguity.)

731. Multopos. They're winged beings who eat plants and small animals. They're apparently at war with the other natives of their home planet, Baralou, the Krikthasi.

We don't know a lot of details on them, however, the most blatant omission being whether they're expected to be able to fly or glide (which is rather improbable for the size of their wings, and unfortunate for them, as they're rather awkward-of course, their enemies the Krikthasi are even more awkward...).

Rating: 3/5. They look cool, and that gets them far.

732. Mungra. They apparently have orange eyes and fur. They're also noted to have a strictly tiered caste system which is compared to the Adarians, aliens I covered briefly in my very first post in this series.

Rating: 2/5. They're not as interesting as the Adarians.

733. Murachaun. Murachaun have dragon/dinosaur/bird heads. They're pretty tall and lanky, and the overall effect of their appearance is rather interesting. This creates an interesting contrast with the fact that the pictured individual is casually smoking and dressed in rather grungy work clothes that you might expect to see on a steampunk character.

They apparently co-ran a pretty substantial region of space with two other species, one of which, the Ktilacs, were conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong at some point. (The Ktilacs are in the same article as the Krikthasi. How convenient!) They suffered under the Empire, and took every opportunity to make things hard for their oppressors.

Rating: 4/5. I rather like that picture of one.

734. Mustafarians. The Mustafarians, inhabitants of the lava world that Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader fought on during Episode III, are hardy beings who supposedly don't have much water in their bodies. They're divided into the slender and fragile "northern" Mustafarians and the short and stocky "southern" Mustafarians.

All known examples wear heavy protective gear, since they're primarily seen working near the lava flows. This means that the northern Mustafarians particularly look like they're from a nightmare involving distorted gas mask-wearing Slenderman-esque beings.

Rating: 4/5. The Mustafarians are interesting based on visuals alone-quite a bit of that this time, I think.

735. Mutant mynocks. Okay, this is one of the most hilarious articles I've ever seen on Wookieepedia:

A group of mynocks mutated and achieved sentience. On the planet Graador, these mynocks controlled exogorths.

Exogorths, for reference, are the "space slug" monsters that live in asteroids, one of which had the Millennium Falcon in its gut during The Empire Strikes Back.

Look out for space slug-controlling bat monsters! AAAAAAH!

Rating: 4/5 for the humor value.

736. Muttani. They're ugly and smell funny (seriously, the article says these things, though not in so many words). One of them was able to escape the supposedly most secure prison in the galaxy, though Jango Fett brought him back in.

Rating: 1/5. Uncool, guys. (I actually somewhat like how the picture of one looks, but it also looks a bit like a caricature, which is uncomfortable territory.

737. Muuns. The Muuns are known for their prowess in banking, and despite their involvement in the Separatists as the heads of the InterGalactic Banking Clan (yes, really), the Empire exempted them from persecution of nonhumans for the sake of financial stability.

Interestingly albeit strangely, the Muuns have a pair of extra hearts that they can consciously control, and use to increase blood flow to maintain body temperature in the cold.

Muuns would often flout the spirit of the law and contracts, but always obey the letter of it, making them a kind of honorable. Apparently, their language is made up of "ums" and "ehs" used in a fashion analogous to binary, which is hilarious.

And oh, hey, the Emperor's Sith Master, Darth Plagueis, was a Muun.

Rating: 4/5. That's a strong 4/5, by the way.

738. Muur. They have a large number of strong tentacles. One of them worked for somebody, but I can't really say who that is, because the individual has no article.

Rating: 2/5, because "large number of strong tentacles" is an amusing phrase.

739. Muza. The Muza are apparently large, strong beings with ugly teeth and small, retractable eyes who wiped out all large predators on their planet to maintain their dominance. It seems they respect courage and perseverance, for they wouldn't respect a Jedi as a negotiator until said Jedi retrieved an artifact from an isolated and presumably dangerous area.

Rating: 2/5. They sound interesting to look at, but they also sound like dopes.

740. Myill. They have blue fur and were enslaved by the Ghawem.

Rating: 1/5. Even being associated with a technically interesting group won't keep me from going "meh."

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