Monday, January 14, 2013

Game Review: Monsters TD 2

Monsters TD 2 is... wait, seriously? Mere weeks after I finish reviewing these games, there's another one? Sorry, I'm not changing the label just for you. If it's inaccurate now, it's your fault.


Anyway, Monsters TD 2 is the, uh, "sequel" to Monsters TD. As such, it's essentially an expansion and refinement of the other game.

What that means is that you get some more towers, but mostly, it looks like new enemies. And you know what I think about the enemies from the previous game?

They're awful (as in, GO AWAY LEAVE ME ALONE WHY ARE YOU SO CRUEL?!). And seeing as how this is a guy who turns off your towers, well, ew.

There's one fix I appreciate beyond the little touches like improved graphics here and there, terrain effects, and the improved skill point system: The spells no longer wreck your economy. On the other hand, sadly they now keep you from using more than one spell at a time, so you only get one spell every few minutes.

Quick conclusion: If you liked the first (which was a pain), you'll like this (which will probably be more of a pain). (I haven't had time to do more than skim it, but the game follows a distinct pattern set by the first.)

-Signing off.

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